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Grantley Adams International Airport is the island's international airport dealing with the high volume of tourists arriving during the high season. Two international airlines fly direct to Barbados from the United Kingdom; British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. The flight time is about nine hours. American Airlines fly in from the USA if you are coming from New York or Miami.

On arrival in Barbados

The small size of the island, only 21 miles long and 14 miles wide, makes it relatively easy to get to your hotel. There are public buses, taxis and the obvious ? car rental. Buses regularly run from the airport to Bridgetown, stopping at many of the resorts along the south coast along the way. Taxis are easily available from the airport and don't cost too much.

Getting around Barbados

The blue buses are run by the Barbados Transport Board and are a quiet, comfortable way to get around. Fares on the blue buses are BD$1.50 and are an efficient choice if you are simply travelling along the major routes. Taxis are plentiful and are also value for money if you do not want to hire a car. We recommend that you negotiate your fare before you get in as taxis in Barbados do not have meters. Barbados car hire is the best option if you want to get off the beaten track and have the freedom to explore the island, especially the east coast. If you are going to hire a car, it is not advised to drive at night as the roads are badly signposted, poorly lit and generally narrow and bumpy. Mopeds or beach buggies can also be rented as an alternative method for exploring. Bridgetown has a busy harbour, particularly for cruise ships touring the Caribbean islands. Tourists can charter a yacht or join a scheduled mini cruise to take you around the island.

Travelling further afield

Barbados is such a small island that everywhere on the island is accessible, however if you want to travel to any of the other Caribbean islands the airline LIAT is your best bet.

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