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A flight to Canada takes you to the second largest country in the world. It's no surprise it's a country of huge diversity, landscape, culture and climate. Fly to Canada and you will land in any one of its six different time zones.

For nine years straight (1994-02), a United Nations survey found Canada to amongst the top three places to live in the world and it's still in the top five now. We definitely recommended finding a deal to get over there and experience the Canadian way of life.

Whether you're visiting the Niagra Falls in Ontario, The Harbourfront centre in Toronto or Grandville Island in Vancouver, there is something to experience for everyone.

Getting around Canada

Canada is a massive country and is ideal for a road trip. Just make sure you hire a car that can handle all the terrains you will be covering. Once you've decided your route, you can book hotels along the way. Alternatively you could book a holiday package to Canada which is the perfect option for skiing holidays or city breaks.

Where to Fly to in Canada

Being the second largest country in the world means there are plenty of places to visit. If you're headed for the slopes the western provinces of British Columbia and Alberta are famous for their amazing mountain scenery and quality skiing. British Columbia's major airport is Vancouver which serves thousands of skiers heading for Whistler in the winter. Alberta is home to the popular Banff and Lake Louise resorts among many others and is served by Calgary. This area is primarily the winter wonderland of Canada.

Of course there are many flights operating to other cities too. Why not take a trip to Winnipeg where you can visit the Winnipeg art gallery constructed entirely out of Manitoba Tyndall stone. Or how about Edmonton which is located on the North Saskatchewan River.

Head east and you'll find the huge province of Ontario which boasts some amazing great lakes: Superior, Huron, Eerie and Ontario (Michigan is the only one that doesn't border Canadian soil) and of course Toronto which is Canada's largest city. Further north in Ontario from the lakes are wine growing regions and then the beginning of the frozen landscapes that characterise Canada's north.

In the east you'll find Quebec, which is home to the largest French speaking city in the west, Montreal The seaboard provinces of Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia offer fjord-landscapes reminiscent of Scandinavia.

There are some flights to Canada that venture into the northern provinces of Yukon, Nanavut and Northwest Territories, but given that they are arctic tundra landscapes, not too many people visit these destinations. Of course, if you're feeling adventurous, they would make amazing places to go to. They just aren't your typical holiday destination. Wherever you're looking to fly to, dealchecker is the place to compare prices for flights to Canada to make sure you get the best deal.