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Disney Behind the Scenes Tour

posted by irishiiiiiis on 18 May 2009 at 13:17

You can take a look behind the Disney World curtains by taking a Disney Behind the Scenes Tour. Now Disney does absolutely nothing to promote these tours But in fact, any visitor willing to add on $12 to $199 can see a bit of what goes on within one of the most painstakingly designed, constructed and managed patches of all human civilization. There are 17 backstage tours in all, from a 45-minute glimpse at Epcot's vast greenhouses to a seven-hour walkaround at three separate parks. Most are offered only on certain weekdays, none allows cameras in the backstage areas, and only a few allow children under 16. You won't get to see Mickey with his head off smoking a cigarette, they remain just as perky and professional as when they are "on stage", But it is surreal and immensely more interesting than visiting Disney the normal way. You will learn a lot of Disney secrets like how they get the lions to stay out on the rocks for viewing (it is air conditioned and the lions love air conditioning) Find out how much Tinkerbell gets paid whether she flies or not, and how much she weighs. You can even swim in Epcots fish tank with sharks. This list goes on and on. You will be hanging on the tour guides every word as he dishes the dirt on how things are done. A must do!

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Walt Disney World Guest Relations P.O. Box 10000 Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Guest Information: (407) 939-6244

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Discovery Cove

posted by irishiiiiiis on 7 May 2009 at 13:33

Discovery Park is an all inclusive day of adventure. The park is run very well, and quite honestly there are no mice running around which after a few days over at Disney you are over it. I was quite surprised by how enjoyable this place was. The park has snorkeling areas loaded with fish for you to enjoy, a petting tank where you can pet the sting rays etc, and of course the main attraction, getting to swim with the dolphins. This is all coordinated by the staff at Discovery Cove so you are not waiting on lines all day. You simply know where you need to be at what time and you do it. The food is ok, and the staff are very good. The park only takes limited amount of people a day so you do need to make a reservation. They offer a wide array of packages depending on what you would like to do.

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Sea World Drive Orlando, FL 32821

Orlando dolphins  all inclusive  park  fun 

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Universal City Walk

posted by triplecrown on 7 May 2009 at 04:13

This is the "shopping district" of Universal Studios. You will find fun shops for souveniers, plus great little places to eat including our favorite: Tommy's Burgers. It is not the original Tommy's from East LA, but the burgers are the same. There are often special musical guests playing outside for the crowds passing by. There is even a movie theater.

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6000 Universal Boulevard Orlando, FL 32819

Orlando food  fun  shopping  entertainment 

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Howl At The Moon

posted by _MG_ on 25 March 2009 at 18:44

Howl At The Moon is a fun and energetic piano bar with dueling players. The object is simple: Find the most obscure song you would like to hear played on the piano and see if the band can play it. There are also nightly running contests where patrons to try and outwit one another. A great bit of adult fun. This is a smoking establishment for 21 and older.

where, when, how, web
8815 International Drive Orlando, Florida 32819

Orlando orlando  over21  piano bar  hilarious  fun 

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