Securing a sun lounger: the rules

Ahh that first day at the resort, after sampling a bit of everything at the breakfast buffet you stroll out to the sun terrace with a good book, a bottle of sun cream and a towel slung over your shoulder. But lo, every sun lounger is covered with a towel! So do you:

a) Flop onto the lounger with the best view and discard the towel

b) Place your towel onto the ground and try to get comfy

Ralf Hoecker, a German lawyer, has done extensive research into this area and discovered that in Spain and Germany it is not illegal to move a towel from a sun lounger, but it is illegal to damage the towel.

Here are the guidelines

  1. Before going anywhere near the sunlougers ask reception for their rules. Some hotels mark sun loungers by apartment number so you will already have one reserved for you, others may offer a hire service.
  2. Once you have targeted a sun longer that has not been paid for, check that the ‘owner’ is not nearby.
  3. Pick up the towel, fold it and place it behind the sun lounger.
  4. Lie down and put on dark sunglasses so if the ‘owner’ returns you can pretend to be asleep.
  5. Keep a copy of Ralf Hoecker’s book (yes he wrote a book about it) beside you so you can produce it if the ‘owner’ confronts you.

Good luck!

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