Bizarre Hotel Of The Month-November 2010

Here at dealchecker we (obviously) like hotels. Quite a lot. From 5* palaces to simple beach huts, we’re down with trying any kind of accommodation. But once in a while we come across a hotel so bizarre that it just HAS to be shared with you, our lovely dealchecking extraodinaires. So every month we’re going to be telling you guys about the weird and wonderful hotels we’ve found on our dealchecking travels, and we’re beginning our journey into the unknown with this:

Dasparkhotel, Austria

Yes…it’s weird. This ‘hotel’ is made from abandoned pipes that the owners have seen fit to turn into minature rooms for your sleeping pleasure. Probably not one for the claustrophobic. Or people who like being warm. Or…erm…comfortable. However, the bonus of this hotel is that you can choose how much you want to pay, so for those on a budget it is ideal! The ‘homes’ are bone fide industrial pipes that have been refurbished and come complete with a bed (which admittedly looks quite cool) and even a wall mural! There is storage space, light, power, blankets and sleeping bags. So pretty much the bare minimum, but for those who are both poor and adventurous, it might just end being the perfect little Austrian hideaway! We know you want to see it from every angle, so here are some lovely images to feast your eyes on:



If anyone ends up going please let us know how you found it! We’re stuck between thinking it looks fun and bizarre or completely hideous. It could be neither, it could be both…the jury is still out!

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