Tan vs Pale

The nation as a whole seems to be at a critical fashion crossroads, unsure whether to keep on down the route we’ve been going, with tans getting darker, or to embrace our skin and its natural colour, pale though it might be. The pressure to be tanned, whether you use a sunbed, are devoted to taking as many sunny holidays as you can, or get help from a bottle, seems to be all around us. And it’s this time of year when the advertisers really up the ante, bombarding us with images and products to show us the look they want us to aspire to, complete with how to get it.


by pedrosimoes7
Fake tan and sunbed lovers used to be in the minority, something to be giggled at a little, and certainly not something for the depths of winter. But fashions have changed these past years and even the law which states that under 18s cannot use sunbeds doesn’t seem to be stemming the tide of perma-tanned teenagers. It’s now easier than ever to achieve that perfect glow, with speedy tan beds, DIY spray tans and moisturisers that build up a tan with regular use. As a nation, we embraced this wholeheartedly, and pale became synonymous with boring.


by Evil Erin
Much like cigarettes, it seems we all know the dangers of tanning, and of using sunbeds, but it doesn’t seem to make much difference to us when we’re seeking that golden glow. Even fake tanning can be as bad for our skin, as it’s much easier to forget that we’re still pale, and so very much in need of the all-important suncream, particularly if we jet off to warmer climes. And more than that, it often hides how sunburnt the skin is underneath all the lovely brown colour, so we often neglect to take care of our burnt bits too.


by theoddnote
Surely there is another option to all of this? A way to escape the need to be permanently brown, or in the cases of some, (whisper it) orange? Thankfully, for those of us who aren’t brave enough to lead the way ourselves, the fashion world has started to re-embrace the pale, reclaiming it as something that is aspirational and good for your health. It hasn’t escaped our notice that pale is back in vogue with the big designers and this can only be a good thing. It’s great news for our skin, and now we only need one beauty product rather than the endless array of bronzing options, our new best friend, the suncream. But this summer you’ll find us caked in the stuff sat under a parasol, enjoying the delights of a beach holiday with none of the drawbacks for our skin.

top image by Lucy Boynton

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