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Dr Dealchecker is back to untangle those pesky travel troubles – and fittingly, one of the main holiday woes this week has been related to problems of the temperature variety – an affliction that the entrants into our sunburn competition are all too aware of!

Dear Dr Dealchecker,

A few years ago I set off on what I thought would be one of the most exciting holidays of my life. The bright lights and sandy beaches of Dubai beckoned and I packed my very best summer garms hoping for the holiday of a lifetime. Sadly, twas not to be. I frazzled,  I fainted, I burned, crisped and melted; the boiling heat was not my friend and I spent most of the time indoors, hugging the air conditioning unit and sucking on ice cubes. This summer, I actually wish to enjoy a peaceful holiday spent outdoors in the sunshine, so where would you suggest I choose for my summer sojourn this year?

Yours swelteringly,


Image by Joao Maximo

Dear Anon,

Oh dear, what a time you’ve had! Luckily Dr Dealchecker is on hand to prescribe you some tasty travel medicine. To avoid you frazzling, i’d suggest a place like Madeira. The weather on this pretty island is sub-tropical, meaning that is generally neither too hot, nor too cold.  The island is situated right out into the Atlantic and temperatures, whilst pleasantly warm and certainly suitable for sunbathing, never  reach such dizzying heights that you feel like your skin is falling off – an entirely comfortable 25 degrees – only ever rising to around 33 when Saraha winds blow in. The island is a haven of rest and relaxation, not to mention it’s aesthetically glorious – what’s not to love?!

Love, Dr Dealchecker

Image by Leo-seta

Dear Dr Dealchecker,

There’s nothing I despise more than lying on a beach reading the worst of last summers chick-lit and sweating my way through the day, before wading into the frankly terrifying unknown of the sea for ‘relief’ from said heat. Beach holidays, therefore, are a no-go for yours truly. For the last few years I’ve enjoyed holidays in just about every cultural hot spot the world has to offer; from Florence and Berlin, India, Budapest and everything in between, I’ve tried it all in my quest to avoid the curse of the lazy beach holiday. But the time has now come for me to find something different, as there’s only so many more churches I can visit. I want something exciting, something to look at, and a new experience. Can you help, Dr Dealchecker?

Yours, Bored

Image by Adorenomis

Dear Bored,

Dr Dealchecker has one word for you: Safari! You might feel like you’ve seen all that human expertise has to offer, but have you given our furry friends a chance? My tip would be to head to the wilds of Africa and head out to see all the amazing creatures the world has to offer. Dark churches and busy town centres will seem a long way off once you’ve got a lion prowling round your car! We’d suggest the “Masai Mara” in Kenya as one of the ultimate safaris.

Good luck!

Dr Dealchecker

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