What Is Coasteering?

If you’re not into throwing yourself off rocks into the sea then you’ve probably never heard of coasteering. Adrenaline sport virgins needn’t fear – it’s not as scary as it sounds, and comes complete with an impressive array of safety equipment. Not only do you get to explore a section of the UK coastline in a way you’ve never seen before, you also end the day with a huge sense of achievement. Here follows my own tale of a coasteering adventure.

It started off badly – with rain, and lots of it. I’m pretty sure this is normal. So, there we were, getting into our wetsuits in the car park, getting soaked. On top of our wetsuits we then had to don some ancient-looking clothes, to “protect the wetsuit from the rocks”. “Rocks?” we cried, but we needn’t have been so afraid. A life jacket, shoes and a helmet completed our sexy outfits and we headed off to the sea.

Heading Out Coasteering

It seemed like the first challenge was getting everyone in the sea! I’m an avid surfer so I’ve no problem jumping in come rain, shine or cold water, but I can’t say the same for some of them. For me the key is to get my head under, let a little water into the wet suit to get the warming process going, and then I’m good to go.

We began by clambering out over some shallow rocks, and before long we were being shown our first jump-off point. It was about 1m high, so most of us were happy to jump right in – one after the other of course! We then had a little swim to the next bunch of rocks. Getting up out of the water was harder than they made it look!

Taking The Plunge Coasteering

The second jump off point was a little higher, about 3m and more people were getting worried. It was all about encouraging each other to dare to do it, and applauding when they did. Another swim, this time through a watery rocky ravine, filled with my nemesis – seaweed. Thankfully with all the safety equipment on I was quite well protected.

And then it was a climb up to the third – and final – jump off point. This was about 6m up, and you had to make sure you jumped outwards enough. Otherwise there were, you’ve guessed it, rocks. This one freaked me out a little, but after watching a few others head on in, I braved it and it was AMAZING.

Coasteering: The Final Challenge

I went coasteering as a team building event, and I really must say that it does what it says on the tin. All the encouragement, helping each other to dare to jump, as well as heaving each other out of the water was really fun. I got to challenge myself, see some of the coast and had an exhilarating day out.

Getting changed in the soggy car park still wasn’t fun though.

I went coasteering in Devon, whilst the newest member of our deal hunting team, Amelia, went in St Davids, Pembrokeshire. As I didn’t have any images of my day out, that’s where the pictures are from. Cornwall is also a fantastic place to do this, thanks to all the picturesque coast there. Fancy having a go? Get yourself there with one of our UK breaks. And if Devon and Cornwall seem just too far, why not fly?

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