Multi-Generation Family Holiday Heaven

Holidays with the whole family in tow – grandparents, toddlers, teens, and the kitchen sink, are the sort of thing that holiday memories are made from. But holiday nightmares are cut from the same cloth, so how do you go about making sure that your trip turns out well? Read on, frazzled planner, and all will be revealed.

Get Started Early

Chat to people about what will be involved, what they want to do, what they want to avoid and how much they are able to pitch in with childcare and other tasks. The more upfront you are with people about their expectations and yours, the more likely they are to enjoy their time away.

Good Location

Think about hiring a villa or somewhere you can really spread out – there is nothing worse than all of you being cooped up too closely, stuck split across several tiny hotel rooms, or having to spend big bucks on drinks at the local bar if you want to spend any time just chilling out together.

posh villaHow could anything go bad in such a beautiful house?

Breathing Space

This will also make it easier for people to have a bit of breathing space – sometimes a holiday with so many people can really take its toll, so a place with a quiet spot or two will work wonders.

Activities for All

It’s nice to plan several things to do all together. It’s easiest to make this dinner every night at the very least, but a day trip or activity with everyone involved is a good way to build holiday memories. Make sure it’s something that all family members from the smallest to the oldest can do – how about making a beach collage or doing a scavenger hunt!

sandcastlesGet the kids to do the hard work, you can storm the fortifications!

Split in Two

You don’t want to force everyone to do everything together all the time – after all everyone enjoys different activities on holiday, but by the same token, you don’t want to completely fragment. Otherwise what’s the point of holidaying together?

Our solution is to organise two to things to do and let people to do whichever one suits them.

amazing buffetThink homely rather than fancy to save time and energy when it comes to food

Let off Steam

As the holiday organiser you can’t be responsible for all the people all the time – you’ve got to make some time to enjoy yourself too! Be sure to throw yourself into group activities, but also take advantage of doting grandparents to get some time off.

Be Flexible

Don’t be a slave to the holiday schedule. Sure, it’s nice to have an idea of what you could do on any given day to avoid that “What do you want to do?” “I don’t know – what do you want to do?” back-and-forth that can suck the enthusiasm out of anyone, but there’s no need to religiously stick to the rota. You’re on holiday, it’s time to be spontaneous!

flexible ladyWe didn’t quite mean this sort of flexibility

Be Patient

Things take a bit longer when there are more people, so prepare for things to take extra time, and be patient! This might be something you have to talk to the speedier people in the group about too – maybe you could have some sort of game to play in the meantime when you’re waiting for the stragglers!

If you have any tips for holiday harmony we’d love to hear them! Get involved on our facebook page.

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