New App From dealchecker

**Update** yes, this was our “App-ril fools”.
If only it were possible to build it.

Fanfare please.

dealchecker is very excited to announce their very first mobile app: Weigh-to-go!

The idea is pretty simple, because we hear the best ones are.
We’ve built a portable luggage weighing device – for your phone.
Not only can our app tell you what your bag weighs – we’ve designed it to tell you what your airline’s luggage limit is, and if you’ve gone over it.

Weigh to go

How did this idea come about? Well after one too many shameful luggage re-shuffles (you know, that bit at check-in where you expose your unwashed undies to the rest of the ryanair bagdrop queue as you scramble to get all those lead-iron weights out of your suitcase and into your hand luggage) we realised what was needed was some kind of portable weighing device.

The problem? Normal portable weighing devices can weigh up to 1kg themselves. And who is going to choose to take a set of scales on holiday over an 17th pair of heels?

In addition to not adding an ounce to your luggage allowance, the Weigh-to-go app will contain details of luggage allowances (hand luggage and checked-in bags) for all the major airlines.
And in case your suitcase is over the limit, it’ll tell you what those extra kgs will cost you. So you can weigh up whether you really do need to bring that present for your auntie Mildred home.

Weigh to go

All you need to do is place your phone on a hard, flat surface, and then place your luggage on top. Take it off a few moments later and you’ll know if you’re over or under your limit.

So that’s less scrambling, more saving.
What did we say? Simple.

We’re in the process of developing a tablet version for even larger pieces of luggage, but in the mean time the Weigh-to-go app will be available for both Apple and Android, for FREE via Apple iTunes and the google play store. Sometime… um, soon.

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