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Where We’re dealCHECKing Out in 2018!

As another year draws to a close, here at dealchecker we’re already planning our 2018 adventures. From short trips and city breaks, to sunshine, sands and faraway lands, we’ve got a lot of good ideas when we’re thinking about travel! Here are the destinations at the top of our bucket lists for next year…

1 Lisbon

With so many of our dealcheckers already having visited this Portuguese gem, it's no wonder that three more, including our Account Executive, Jenny, want to follow suit in 2018. Thanks to the colourful buildings and culture, traditional tram rides, world class food and a great nightlife, Lisbon has plenty to appeal to us dealcheckers. However, if we're being totally honest, it's those custard tarts that are really calling to us!

2 Peru

We all know Oonagh, one of our Content Writers, has been to Peru, she likes to talk about it a lot. But all that bragging has only made lots more of us want to head there next year! Us dealcheckers are pretty desperate to head up the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. And we really want to check out the historic city of Cusco in the Peruvian Andes. There's also the Sacred Valley that Oonagh recommends everyone should visit in 2018, and who are we to argue?

3 New Orleans

In the state of Louisiana in the USA lies the oh-so-famous New Orleans. However, despite it's fame, not many of us dealchecker lot have been over there just yet. Apart from our Managing Director Mark, but he's been to most of the U.S! A few want to hop over the pond for some proper southern cuisine, and have a little boogie to some amazing jazz music. Others are far more interested in checking out the French Quarter for all of its glorious history. And of course, no trip to this city is complete without a float along the river on the Canal Street ferry.

4 Sicily

Another location we're dying to get to in 2018 is sunny Sicily. We keep hearing about the amazing food scene on this beautiful Italian island, and our Social Media Manager, Lindsay, who's quite the foodie, just can't resist a great culinary hot-spot. Others in the team are fascinated by the impressive Mount Etna, and want to embark on a hiking adventure. We've also heard that there are some pretty stunning sands lining the coasts of this Italian gem, and if there's something us dealcheckers can't stay away from, it's a good beach!

5 Munich

There's so much more to Munich than its beer! There's the famous Neuschwanstein Castle which looks as if it's leapt straight from a fairytale book, lots of palaces and a marvellous old town. However we'd be lying to you if we said that these are the only reasons we want to visit this German city next year. Oktoberfest is calling for us, and has been for a while now. Us dealcheckers enjoy a good drink. We just have to hope that our own Email Assistant, Emma, hasn't drunk the city out of its beer by the time we arrive!

6 Philippines

Vanessa, our Head of Marketing, has just returned from a two-week trip to the Philippines and now we all must go! Bohol was her favourite place that she visited, and Kunal, our SEO guy, just hasn't stopped talking about how much he wants to go and visit the majestic Chocolate Hills since! In fact a few of the team now have plans on embarking on a kayaking adventure around this province in the new year. Meanwhile, other dealcheckers are more than happy to chill out on one of the pristine beaches and keep a look out for those cute bug-eyed tarsiers.

7 Edinburgh

Guess who's been bragging about Edinburgh? Yep, you guessed it, it's Oonagh (our Content Writer) again! In fact, a lot of the dealchecker office have visited this beautiful Scottish city and all loved it just as much. Those who haven't been are super keen to head to the hilly capital in the new year and discover Edinburgh's best bits. There's the medieval old town to explore, the stunning Edinburgh Castle, and the infamous Arthur's Seat with its amazing views, to name just a few of this city's incredible attractions.

8 Mykonos

With a few of the office having been to Mykonos in the past few years, it was only a matter of time before word spread on this hot Greek destination. Matt, our Marketing Analyst, is hoping to head to this sunny spot next year to check out the iconic windmills that shadow over the labyrinth-like town centre. Packed with shops, bars and tavernas, it's a great place to experience Mykonian life. Once he finds his way out of the town centre, he will probably be found partying on some of the sugar-soft sand beaches that Mykonos is well-known for.

9 Bratislava

High on our Head Editor, Alice's, list for places to see in 2018 is Bratislava. Talk of this Slovakian capital has been circulating around the office much more over the past year, and now lots of us want to go and see what all the fuss is about. Set along the Danube River, it's surrounded by many vineyards. Perhaps the real reason she wants to head over to this European city! As well as the great wine there's also the impressive Bratislava Castle to discover, as well as the famous 18th-century old town to explore.

10 Cuba

Last but not least on this 2018 travel bucket list is Cuba. Kunal, our SEO Manager, is keen to head here and you'll probably see him cruising around town in a classic car, with Rosie, our Subscriber Acquisition Manager in the passenger seat sipping on a rum and coke. The local cuisine in Cuba is calling to many of us dealcheckers, as are the colourful streets, and relatively undiscovered culture. We just want to get over there before the hordes of tourists beat us to it!

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