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Let it Snow: 10 Snowy Destinations You’ll Absolutely Glove

We all love a holiday filled with sunshine and lazing on the beach, but winter is a great time to embrace the cold. A mini-break to a snowy city makes for a romantic escape, while a trip to the mountains offers up a fabulous opportunity to try your hand at winter sports, or just nurse a mulled wine as you take in the views! So, wrap up warm and grab your snow boots, we are taking you to some brrr-illiant destinations.

1 Canada

Bordering the US and home to more beautiful lakes than you can shake a stick at, the nation of Canada is as scenic as they come once the snow falls. With great pine forests and still, picturesque lakes frozen over, a winter walk in Ontario, Quebec or Newfoundland will provide a plethora of enviable Instagram opportunities. Pine forests become a jungle of Christmas trees, while roofs are blanketed with thick layers of snow, which stick around for an entire season of winter magic.

2 Courchevel, The Alps

Renowned for being one of the most popular mountain ranges in Europe, the Alps offer some of the best skiing in the world. Courchevel lies in the Three Valleys and is a particularly popular resort thanks to the four separate towns: 1300, 1500, 1650 and 1850, each named after their altitude in metres. While the lower resorts are home to quieter, more traditional ski chalets and chocolate box scenes, 1850 boasts designer boutiques and five-star hotels — making it a rather popular choice for the rich and famous.

3 Lapland, Finland

Snowy scenes couldn’t be more magical than those in the beautiful region of Lapland. Rumoured to be home of the big man himself, Lapland is a popular destination for families during the festive period, with some even being lucky enough to visit Santa’s grotto in person. But it’s not just fun for the little ones — glass igloos in the region offer some of the most stunning accommodation in the world, with the northern lights and twinkling stars shining down on you as you sleep, offering an unparalleled magical experience for the whole family.

4 Scotland

Famed for its rolling green countryside, deep lochs and warming whisky, the nation of Scotland offers all the ingredients for a cosy winter escape. Once the snow blankets the ground in the Highlands, the untouched wintery scenes are as pretty as they come. Try to spot the Loch Ness monster as you take a hike along the loch path, gaze out to snow-capped peaks in the distance or cosy up with a smoky whisky in a traditional Scottish inn, where you might also be able to try some haggis, neeps and tatties.

5 New York, USA

Everyone dreams of Christmas in New York, following in little Kevin McCallister’s footsteps, as you wander through the snow in search of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Snowfall in the city creates a magical atmosphere that can be felt around every corner. Icy branches whimsically adorn the trees of Central Park, while the city’s lakes freeze over to become a serene scene you’d expect to see on a postcard. Make the most of the snow with a skate around one of the city’s ice rinks or get out of the cold with a trip to Macy’s!

6 Japan

Japan may be known for its cherry blossom and ancient traditions, but the mountain ranges are also blanketed with snow come winter. The country boasts over 600 ski resorts making it prime ground for alpine sports and scenic snowy landscapes. In fact, the resorts of Japan appeal to advanced international clientele, due to the reliability of snowfall in the mountain ranges and the exclusivity of the smaller, more difficult runs. There are also natural hot springs, known as onsen making for a warming après ski treat.

7 Reykjavik, Iceland

One place you can almost certainly rely on for snow is Iceland, and the capital of Reykjavik boasts an array of attractions within its proximity. Not only do the aurora borealis light up the sky with magical pinks and greens away from the light pollution of the city, but the Blue Lagoon offers a fabulous way to spend the day. The natural springs make up for sub-zero temperatures outside, while the Geysir is a sight to behold and an absolute must to tick off your bucket list before you leave.

8 Vienna, Austria

Just like New York, a flurry of snowfall in Vienna coats the city with a magical atmosphere. The grand palaces and vast squares become quiet and peaceful, as locals stay warm inside. Christmas markets somehow become more festive than before and Christmas pines bow under the pressure of the snow. Winter evenings in the Austrian capital provide an excellent opportunity to soak up the culture. With the ball season in full swing and an array of concerts and shows on offer you will be spoilt for choice with how to spend your winter nights.

9 Bulgaria

When you think of Bulgaria, Sunny Beach and a buzzing nightlife may come to mind, but the country is actually home to a variety of excellent ski resorts. Quieter than your average Alps escape, the Bulgarian resorts are far more reasonably priced for a week tearing up the snow and offer conditions that are just as good, but often without the hordes of people queuing up for ski lifts. Whether skiing or snowboarding is your sport of choice, everyone can agree on a glass of mulled wine at the top of the slopes.

10 Moscow, Russia

Rising like beacon from the snowy roofs of wintery Russia, the colourful domes of Saint Basil’s Cathedral are as iconic to this vast country as the thick fur coats. Visiting Moscow during winter allows you to experience the capital at its best, while it may not be overly warm, the snowy scenes make up for it and cast a silvery spell on the city. Enjoy a Moscow Mule in the destination it was intended to be sipped, as you look out onto this mesmerising snowscape.

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