The Destinations You Can Visit Without Quarantining

Still confused by the idea of air bridges? While the government has announced that you can travel freely between certain countries, it is important to note that some countries included in the list will let you enter, but on your return to the UK you could be subjected to a 14-day quarantine – and vice versa. This is the case with travel to the UK from Portugal, Spain, and until recently – these rules were imposed by France.

We thought that now would be a good time to find some commonality between your favourite destinations and those countries that do not require isolation at either end of the bridge.


The world’s favourite tourist destination has opened up to guests from abroad once more, and UK residents are part of a select few who can visit France without having to quarantine on arrival. Border checks may be in place on entry to the country and masks are a legal requirement on public transport.


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France is an obvious favourite for UK travellers thanks to easy links into the country from the Eurotunnel. Tourists may find France to be a more appealing option if they want to avoid air travel altogether and drive instead, though flight links are now operating. If you fancy going off-grid for a week or two, why not check out Provence, where you can get a real taste of France during a delectable day of wine tasting? Alternatively, if you fancy dipping your toes in, you can head to the French Riviera where sun, sea and sand are on tap.


Italy infamously became one of the biggest casualties of the coronavirus pandemic back in March, with the UK following hot on its heels. The government now considers Italy to be a safe destination for Brits to travel to and from freely without having to self isolate at either end, making it a great option for a 2020 break. Wearing a mask in enclosed public spaces is mandatory, so it is best to carry one with you at all times.


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While you may want to avoid the more heavily populated cities, now could be a good time to bag yourself a bargain and see the tourist attractions that are usually very busy. If you are looking to find a quieter spot, you may be better placed in the likes of Lake Como or Sardinia, both of which offer still waters to cool off in, and that delicious Italian cuisine that we know you’re after.


Whitewashed buildings, golden sands and azure waters are all on the menu this summer! Greece and its islands have been included in the air bridge list and there will be no need to quarantine at either end. You must complete a Passenger Locator Form at least 48 hours before you travel to gain access to the country. You may also be required to take a test for COVID-19 and be prepared to self-isolate if the results come back positive.


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Thankfully there are plenty of options to consider when it comes to Greece, and many islands stay hotter for long into the year. One of the larger Greek islands Kefalonia, is often overlooked in favour of its buzzier counterparts, but if all you are looking for is traditional tavernas and sugar white sand, this is the island for you. Fancy something a little more Insta-worthy? Why not head for Milos, a stunning island which could be mistaken for the surface of the moon.


Croatia is often a popular haunt for the young and beautiful during the summer months, and it can be this year too. Although its biggest draws – the summer festivals – have been cancelled, Croatia still has its golden hours and charming towns that appeal to visitors. Before visiting, you must complete an online entry form and it is advised that you carry a copy of your booking confirmation with you when you arrive. Face masks are mandatory on public transport, and in shops and other commercial premises, so it is best to carry one with you at all times.


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Hvar is one of Croatia’s prettiest islands, offering everything from turquoise shores to red-tiled roofs – head here for classic Croatian bliss. Looking for a spot where they have their finger on the pulse, why not set your sights on Dubrovnik? With smaller crowds than usual and stunning views, now is a great time to visit!

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