Common Misconceptions About Our Favourite Destinations

The British Food Scene is Boring

Okay, this one is subjective depending on what kind of food you find interesting, and while British cuisine may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the foodie scene is actually one of the most diverse in the world. On a street in London you could pick up a pho bowl for lunch and hop a few doors down to find a Cornish pasty. Or indulge in a tandoori curry in Covent Garden then head to Brick Lane for a salt beef beigel. Whatever food you are looking for, you’ll almost definitely find it in London.


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Ibiza is Only a Party Island

Ibiza was known in the 90s and 00s for its summer-long ragers led by glamorous celebs and their posses. Today, you’ll still be able to have a great night out on this fabulous Balearic island, but it seems that the Ibiza nights still belong to the children of the 80s – parties have become more sophisticated, expensive and extravagant than ever before. It’s as if this island grew up with its most frequent visitors and transformed into a place to suit their needs. Not that it’s a destination to be sniffed at – the island is great for families, people looking to party and couples alike… Just make sure you don’t leave your wallet at home.


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Germans are Scary

Germans are actually some of the friendliest Europeans you’ll come across. Of course their language isn’t quite as flowing as some of their continental counterparts, but anything can sound scary when it’s said loudly, right? From our experience, German people are very welcoming, friendly and love to share their history and culture with visitors.


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Tapas is a Type of Food

It’s a common misconception that people think tapas is a type of food. It’s an easy mistake to make considering most Spanish restaurants dedicate a whole section of the menu to it. In fact, tapas is a way of eating that is embedded into Spanish culture and anything can be tapas, from paella to prawns. A tapa is a small dish that comes with a drink, and while outsiders may order a selection of tapas to come to the table with their drink, the locals often prefer to bar hop, ordering a different dish at each restaurant – this is called tapear!


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Americans are Over-The-Top Cheerful

This is one that I fell victim to when I visited America after watching TV shows and films and hearing stories from friends. I was expecting everybody to be over-the-top polite, like visiting Disneyland on a sugar high. In fact, everyone was quite normal. Sure… shop assistants, servers and receptionists were friendly and welcoming and maybe a little more upbeat than you’d expect anywhere else, but not in an over-the-top way! They are just nice people who are willing to help – which really, is the least we should expect when going on holiday!


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Poland Isn’t a Pretty Place

This is another misconception that I fell victim to. I’d heard a lot of great things about Poland – great food, good drinks, cheap prices, cool things to see – so of course, I thought it would be a great place for a city break. I didn’t get my hopes up for any beautiful architecture or pretty scenes though…but I should have. We visited Krakow and it was an incredibly picturesque city with a fascinating history intertwined within its walls – and certainly a stunning backdrop for any pictures you may wish to snap.


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All Italians Eat is Pizza

Pizza is from Naples, but outside of this area it’s nowhere near as popular as you might expect, especially considering it’s the origin country of this delicious bite. In fact, you’re going to have to work to find pizza in Rome, Florence or Venice. Tomatoey pasta, on the other hand, is like a way of life – but as delicious as it is, by the time you leave Italy you’ll be trying to escape the stuff!


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