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Here are some great deals we found to European Holiday Destinations.

Why dealchecker loves Europe

Holidays in Europe can be anything from a whistlestop city break to two weeks lying on a beach on a Greek island, to touring some of the world's top cultural highlights by train, boat or road, or spending a week skiing. With cheap flights aplenty, the lure of great nights out from Spain to Croatia, incredible food to sample and hundreds of must-see sights to check off your bucket list, there is nowhere quite like Europe!

How to get to your European destination

Don't settle for anything less than a direct flight - with so many options available it's silly to waste time on a stopover, and you'll usually find you pay about the same price, sometimes more to go indirect. Most of the major cities have more than one airport, so make sure you check how much it costs to get to both, and factor in the onward travel at the other end. As a general rule, it's cheaper to go to an airport that's further away, but if you're going to be tempted to splash out on a taxi once you touch down that's no saving.

Many closer destinations can also be reached by train thanks to the Eurostar and cheap onward connections. It's certainly worth checking out the prices and comparing!

How to save on holidays in Europe

Your two biggest expenses on a holiday to Europe will be your flight and accommodation - and that's where we come in! Check out our deals, and make sure you sign up to our weekly Real Deals email, where we always feature plenty of bargain breaks to Europe both beach and city.

Once you arrive, there are plenty more savings to make to stretch out that budget and get you the best holiday possible. If you're going to be travelling around a lot, then invest in a multi-use pass for public transport if you can't get around by foot - which is actually the best way to get to know somewhere new - and if you're after all the museums then a museum pass is your fast track to savings.

If you need to stretch your budget further think about enjoying your big meal of the day at lunchtime, when many restaurants offer a two- or three-course set menu at a great price, then you can pick up a street snack in the evening as you enjoy the quieter streets for a stroll.

Choosing your destination

With so many fantastic destinations to pick from in Europe it really can be a headache to choose. One way is to just go where the offers take you, which is fantastic if you're on a budget and don't have any strong preferences. Find a cheap flight, or a flight and hotel package, and just jet off. You could even save more with a last-minute deal.

If you're new to visiting Europe and are after a city break, then how about one of the dealchecker favourites?

  • Paris - whether you travel by air or by rail, a trip to Paris is always a good idea. Delicious food and world famous sights await.
  • Venice - this Italian city is known for its romantic canalside setting, meaning there are no cars here, just boats like the famous gondolas.
  • Barcelona - hip, vibrant and warm, the out-of-this-world creations by Gaudi are the highlight in Barcelona, but there's much more to discover as well.
  • Berlin - the party capital of Europe, get ready to dance til the sun comes up in this young and trendy city.
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