How to Unsubscribe from Push Notifications

We only want to contact you if you want to be contacted so, if you no longer want to receive notifications from here's how to unsubscribe:

If You're Using Google Chrome

• If you are working on a Windows or Linux OS machine you can right click on the notification itself to stop all further notifications.

• If you are working on another operating system, go to:
Chrome Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy Settings> Notifications > Manage Expectations

• This will show you a list of the websites that you have accepted push notifications from. You can then opt out any site's notifications.

If You're Using Firefox

• Go to:
Firefox Preferences > Content > Notifications > Choose

• Once you have clicked on the choose button, you will be given the option to disable all notifications or just those from specific websites.

On Your Mobile Phone

• Open a new internet browser page and go to:
Settings > Site settings > Notifications

• You will then need to choose the website you would like to opt out of receiving notifications from and follow:
Permissions > Notifications > Block or Clear and Reset

What We Use Push Notifications For

We use push notifications to send you great travel deals, straight to your browser. These might be amazing cruise deals, hotel steals or holiday bargains. This means that you'll never miss out on a great deal again!

Who We Are

dealchecker is a travel comparison tool, bringing you great travel deals on site, through our email programme and with push notifications. We don't sell holidays ourselves but work with a whole host of partners to ensure that you can find the best value travel deals around.

Unsubscribe From Our Emails

If you're looking to unsubscribe from our email channel you can find the unsubscribe link in the top right hand corner of our emails, or at the bottom of our emails near to the terms and conditions.