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Cyprus sits in the middle of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, and it's the third largest island in the Med after Sicily and Sardinia. It's by no means lacking in gorgeous places for a holiday though! Note that although political tensions have eased between Cyprus and Northern Cyprus, these are still two very different destinations. If you're after advice on hiring a car in Northern Cyprus then head to our destination page for more information.

Hiring A Car In Cyprus

It's best to arrange your cheap Cyprus car hire in advance - with only two airports bookings can go through the roof in the peak holiday periods, and it's nice to know you've already secured the car you want for a good price when you head over to the car desks at arrivals. It's easy to pick up car hire at Paphos Airport as well as at Larnaca Airport but you will find that away from these points car hire in Cyprus can be harder to come by and will most certainly cost more.

There's no need to worry when it comes to driving your hire car in Cyprus as they drive on the left, and the roads are pretty quiet for the most part. The resorts themselves can get busy, but as soon as you head away from civilisation you'll find nothing but beautiful surroundings and wonderful scenery.

Cheap Car Hire in Cyprus

Though Cyprus is small, it's still mighty packed with things to do and see! Its recent development as a tourist destination means it hasn't quite got the public transport infrastructure to jet visitors off all over the island as they please. Luckily, the roads are well taken care of, meaning you can drive from mountains to beaches in no time at all! Expect holiday resorts with all the mod-cons at hand, with plenty of wide open spaces dotted with tiny Cypriot villages, especially as you head into the mountains.

Places To Visit In Cyprus

Since low-cost flights to Cyprus have become more ubiquitous, holidays to Cyprus have become more and more popular. You can enjoy everything from ancient ruins to fun attractions, high-octane water sports including scuba diving and snorkelling, and, of course, the exciting nightlife of Ayia Napa, one of the biggest party resorts in the Mediterranean. Car hire in Cyprus will make it much easier to traverse this pretty isle!

One of Cyprus' most popular tourist attractions is Aphrodite's Rock, said to be the birthplace of the Goddess of Love. Located on a typically beautiful Cypriot beach, myth has it that swimming around the rock three times will earn you your heart's desire! For a little more history, head to Paphos Archaeological Park, which is crammed with ancient Roman ruins, and some of the world's best-preserved mosaics.

If you like your fun a little more nature-based, look no further than Greko National Park in south-east Cyprus. Watersports like scuba, snorkelling, sailing and fishing and land-based activities like horse-riding rock climbing and hiking are all available. Larnaca Salt Lake, meanwhile, is a beautiful spot, and home to the Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque, one of the most important sites for the Islamic faith. Spring sees an influx of flamingos and don't miss the ornamental garden by the mosque either.

Cyprus is known for its smattering of medieval castles, and one if our favourites is Kolossi Castle. This 13th-century structure is crammed with interesting things to see, including artwork and sugarcane processing facilities, and it's reached through the lush valleys of southern Cyprus. All round well worth a day trip in your Cyprus hire car!

Where to Hire a Car in Cyprus

It's not hard to find a car to hire in Cyprus - the island is practically littered with car hire outlets! Both Paphos and Larnaca airports have many car hire options to choose from, if you want to kick-start your holiday by driving to your resort. If, however, you only want to hire a car for a portion of your holiday, or just a day trip, you're also in luck. The popular resort of Paphos has plenty of car hire outlets dotted around, as does Larnaca. The nightclubbing heartland of the country, Ayia Napa also has plenty of car hire options meaning you can take a break from the dance floor for a day trip!

General Advice on Hiring a Car

When you purchase car hire you are entering into a contract with your car hire company. Always check their terms and conditions before you buy to make sure you're aware of your responsibilities when you collect your car in Cyprus, and any additional charges.

Here's a few things to watch out for:

  • Almost all car hire companies add a mandatory fee for drivers under the age of 25.
  • Check what level of insurance is included for the hire car in Cyprus. In particular check how much the excess is (the amount you need to pay in the event of any accident) you may want to take out additional insurance.
  • Check what the fuel policy is with your car. Don't forget to fill up the tank before you drop it off if you've agreed to return it full!
  • Find out if there's a maximum daily mileage - especially if you're planning to do a lot of driving in Cyprus!
  • You'll need to pay a deposit (or pre-approve one) to pick up the car. Most car rental companies will only accept credit cards for this.

  • If you'd like more advice on common charges (and what you can do to avoid them) read our complete guide to car hire.