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You'll find cheap hotels promised all over the Internet - that's what makes booking one of them so hard. How can you be sure you're booking a hotel at the best price until you've checked all the websites out there? At we know from experience that time spent searching for the best and cheapest hotel deals can pay for itself in savings. We'd like to make it easier for you - and that's where our search tool comes in.

Tell us where you're travelling to and we'll tell you which travel sites specialise in cheap hotels to that area. We'll also link you directly to the sites with the best hotel deals and cheapest prices for your preferred travel dates - from last minute hotel deals to bargain five-star getaways. With dealchecker you can save a lot of time on searching the best beach hotels, city and airport hotels. It's completely free to search on and we're an independent company - so there's no pushing, no up-selling or empty promises - just incredibly cheap hotel deals. And the fact we find last minute hotel deals for you to fly off for a spontaneous trip makes it even better.

There are always plenty of places on our world's to-visit list and luckily we tend to have discount hotel rates that make it that much easier for you. From Paris to Berlin, we've got you covered. We'll search for all the best deals, across many different travel providers, so that you don't have to.

Stay in the City of Lights and stroll down the Champs-Élysées, sit in a quaint cafe with a croissant and cafe au lait, watching fashionable Parisians stroll past or lose track of time wandering around the astounding buildings, from the Notre Dame to the Louvre. Paris is stunning in any weather.

Our very own capital city has a wealth of hotels to pick from, from quirky hostels to elegant classic hotel rooms. Figure out what you want to see in London as it's such a big city. Situated yourself near Hyde Park, Big Ben or near one of the main shopping streets and you'll be looking at paying more. There are plenty of great hostels in the likes of Hammersmith however that put you near the centre without making you shell out loads - the cheapest hotels in London aren't as hard to find as you think with us here to help you.

Dubai is a city like no other. Skyscrapers tower higher than you think possible, malls span wider than they should and hotels are glitzier than you've ever seen. That said, its opulence never fails to impress and either do its beaches. Pack your highest heels (or smartest shoes), a swimsuit and your credit card - you're going to want to splash some cash. Luckily, you'll be surprised at the decent hotels you'll find for not that expensive of a price (they've got a lot of competition) - the discount hotel rates we find are reason enough to travel alone.

These hotel destinations are a mere drop in the ocean. You name a country (Thailand, Morocco, Maldives, Florida) and we'll hunt you down an awesome deal - it's that simple.

We Don't Just Do Cheap Hotel Offers!

As a leading comparison website aims to help you save money at each stage of booking a holiday, from finding your cheap flights abroad to getting you great value car hire for when you're away. If you like to book everything together you can still make sure you're getting a cheap holiday by comparing holiday deals with us.

The best hotel offers we find each week get featured in our Real Deals - this hand-picked collection of 20 travel deals is put together by our travel experts each week and features exclusive hotel deals, cheap flight sales and very, very cheap holidays. Sign up on our Real Deals page and we'll send it to your inbox for FREE each week.

Why Find Hotel Deals With Us?

You could spend hours trawling through thousands of hotel and travel websites, trying to figure out which will give you the best price - some hotels might even have different prices advertised on different websites. Or, you could use our handy search tool, which lets you easily input your destination, dates of travel, number of guests and preferred star rating, and simply click to see what's available at what price. It's super easy to use, and allows you to compare prices and hotels before you make a booking.

Not sure where you'd like to head yet? We've got plenty of bargains for a huge number of popular destinations - you might see a cheap hotel in London that tickles your fancy, or the great price of a hotel in Rome might entice you to have a city break in the Eternal City.

Top Hotel Destinations

London is one of the most-visited destinations in the world (second only to Bangkok in 2016) for a reason. Here you'll find a unique blend of the ancient and modern, loads of culture and markets with more food options than you can poke a stick at! While you of course need to tick the usual suspects off your to-do list - Buckingham Palace, the Eye and the Big Ben - there's plenty more that's worth seeing. Be sure to get a load of the view from the top of the Sky Garden, pick up a one-of-a-kind vintage outfit in Camden, and smell the roses at Columbia Road Flower Market.

Check out our London deals

New York is always high on our list when it comes to city breaks. The iconic mega-city has too many landmarks to commit to memory - we're talking the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Centre and Central Park. And that's just the beginning! Fast-paced, loud and a cultural mecca, it's a must-visit city break any time of year. Visit museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, see a show on Broadway, or just watch the world go past at Times Square. It doesn't matter what you do in New York, it's bound to be exciting!

Check out our New York deals

Gran Canaria offers a different kind of travel experience to the big cities. The biggest island in the Canaries, it's whatever you want it to be - laid-back, a party playground, or a chance to immerse yourself in nature. There are beaches galore and family friendly resorts and hotels as far as the eye can see. Be sure to explore Vegueta Old Town, which dates back to the 15th century, to get a feel for the island's history. Party animals should put on their dancing shoes and head to Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles, where they can dance 'til dawn.

Check out our Gran Canaria deals

Dubai serves up equal measures of Middle Eastern exoticism and western convenience. For every souk, there's a towering skyscraper, for every historic building, there's a shopping centre. Hot year-round, and with plenty of pools, a water park, and even an indoor ski centre, it's a choice kid-friendly destination to catch some winter sun. It's a city that doesn't do things by halves - it's home to the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa, boasts the world's largest man-made island, and even has a cluster of artificial islands in the shape of planet earth, so the ultra-wealthy can 'own' a country.

Check out our Dubai deals

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