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Dubai average daily maximum temperature

Dubai is the improbable city of commerce and excess that flowers from the desert in the United Arab Emirates. Because of this holidays to Dubai have become popular amongst people from around the world who want to experience the opulence of the place in which even cheap Dubai hotels still vastly outclass most of their western rivals.

Cheap Car Hire in Dubai

In a city of such luxury and excess - not to mention one where temperatures hit the mid-40s during the summer - it pays to hire a car. Use our search tools to find cheap car hire in Dubai, so you can be off a driving as soon as you leave the terminal.

Why Rent a Car in Dubai

Though Dubai is relatively small, what it lacks in size it makes up for in the fiery heat of the sun that beats down upon it, day after day. Avoid the heat by hiring a car to get around the city. Public transport is good, but still lacks connection to many places in the city, so hiring a car is your best bet.

Dubai Airport Car Hire

The entrepreneurial spirit of Dubai means that while you can use major rental firms there are many smaller operators who started life locally. The car hire from Dubai Airport will let you stay out of the sun's heat as you travel the wide boulevards of this growing metropolis. Some firms will even deliver the car to your hotel for added convenience. Use our comparison tool to get the best deal on your Dubai Airport car hire.

Places To Visit In Dubai

Since this is arguably the birthplace of a festival dedicated to shopping, the luxury lifestyle which Dubai offers upon visitors is irresistible. The hotels tower perilously over the city and each one is worth checking out using car rental in Dubai to find your way around. Dubai's lavishness is also present at The Dubai Mall. While there are 1,200 stores in this complex, there's also 150 restaurants, an indoor theme park, an ice rink, an aquarium and a zoo. One of Dubai's most astounding displays of excess is Palm Jumeirah - a manmade island in the shape of a palm tree that sits just off the coast of the main city. Take your car for a swing on the island, a gape at the luxe hotels that call it home.

Though it's vastly expanded in the past few decades, Dubai still retains a sense of its history. Just a 20 minute drive out of the city will find you in the Arabian Desert, where you can take a camel ride and experience off-roading, quad biking and sand boarding!

There is still influence of traditional Arab culture to be found when the festival of Ramadan is in full swing and in Dubai car hire will allow you to head to districts such as Karama and Satwa, where the opulence is less pronounced.

General Advice on Hiring a Car

When you purchase car hire you are entering into a contract with your car hire company. Always check their terms and conditions before you buy to make sure you're aware of your responsibilities when you collect your car in Dubai, and any additional charges.

Here's a few things to watch out for:

  • Almost all car hire companies add a mandatory fee for drivers under the age of 25.
  • Check what level of insurance is included for the hire car in Dubai. In particular check how much the excess is (the amount you need to pay in the event of any accident) you may want to take out additional insurance.
  • Check what the fuel policy is with your car. Don't forget to fill up the tank before you drop it off if you've agreed to return it full!
  • Find out if there's a maximum daily mileage - especially if you're planning to do a lot of driving in Dubai!
  • You'll need to pay a deposit (or pre-approve one) to pick up the car. Most car rental companies will only accept credit cards for this.

  • If you'd like more advice on common charges (and what you can do to avoid them) read our complete guide to car hire.