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The Cypriot city of Paphos sits on the island's south-west coast and although it has a relatively small native population it is teeming with life when the peak holiday season arrives and tourists taking their holidays to Paphos flood in for a few weeks' break. Paphos has gained in popularity dramatically since low cost airlines have started offering the route, so if you've never been make 2018/2019 your time to explore!

Hiring a car in Paphos

There is car hire from Paphos Airport so you can find your way to one of the hotels in Paphos without having to rely on inflexible airport transfers. By using our car hire comparison search you can ensure your rental arrangements are already in place before you arrive on the island. Simply, input your holiday dates in the search box above. Compare either by clicking on the supplier brands (check all of them to ensure you get the best price!) or select the car category you are looking for and we will show you the cheapest car hire provider for that car size.

Car hire in Paphos is recommended because public transport on the island is pretty minimal and you'll be able to see a lot more. With car hire Paphos and the rest of Cyprus becomes available to enjoy at your own pace. Do remember you will probably have luggage for your holiday so make sure you choose a car which can accommodate passengers and their belongings. Also, if you are planning to head up into the mountains, potentially a 4x4 would be a good option?

Cheap Car Hire in Paphos

While Paphos has plenty to see and do, it's worth hiring a car to take advantage of the many nearby wonders Cyprus has to offer. Public transport here is poor, so having a car can save time and unnecessary planning! By using our search tools and booking online, you can be certain that there will be a car waiting for you upon arrival in Paphos, removing the stress of what to do once your plane touches down!

Places to visit in Paphos

Paphos is technically two separate parts, with one half dedicated to the resorts for tourists and the other more of the traditional town that has existed for centuries. Whilst the beach is always going to keep families entertained from day to day there are sights which you can only visit on an organised excursion or by arranging some cheap Paphos car hire. The local castle and the Temple of Aphrodite are two such popular attractions, as well as the Paphos Archaeological Park. If you visit in the winter then the temperatures become bearable enough for hiking and cycling to become an option. Look out for the Paphos Flower Festival if you're visiting in May, or take a day trip to nearby Limassol in August for the Wine Festival.

Also just out of Paphos, the Baths of Aphrodite lay in wait. It's in these natural pools set within a cave that it's rumoured the Greek goddess would often take a dip. Just 45 kilometres from the city, the pools are worth a visit not just for their history, but also for their natural beauty!

Coral Bay is one of Paphos's most famed beach destinations, and is well serviced by bars, restaurants and watersports equipment for hire. It's just a 25-minute drive from Paphos, but with public transport at a minimum, having a car can come in handy!

Cyprus's wine industry dates back some 5000 years. While we doubt you'll find any bottles quite that old, head for the wine region in your rental car to sample more recent drops at various wineries that dot the island. Just make sure you have a designated driver so you can truly indulge!

Top Tips for Car Rentals in Paphos

  • To hire a car in Paphos, you must be over the age of 21, and have held your licence for more than three years.
  • Unlike many other European countries, in Cyprus you will be driving on the left hand side.
  • Use our search tools before you travel to ensure you're getting a good deal on your Cyprus car hire.
  • Be sure to read the fine print on your hire policy, so you know what your rights and limitations are.

  • General Advice on Hiring a Car

    When you purchase car hire you are entering into a contract with your car hire company. Always check their terms and conditions before you buy to make sure you're aware of your responsibilities when you collect your car in Paphos, and any additional charges.

    Here's a few things to watch out for:

  • Almost all car hire companies add a mandatory fee for drivers under the age of 25.
  • Check what level of insurance is included for the hire car in Paphos. In particular check how much the excess is (the amount you need to pay in the event of any accident) you may want to take out additional insurance.
  • Check what the fuel policy is with your car. Don't forget to fill up the tank before you drop it off if you've agreed to return it full!
  • Find out if there's a maximum daily mileage - especially if you're planning to do a lot of driving in Paphos!
  • You'll need to pay a deposit (or pre-approve one) to pick up the car. Most car rental companies will only accept credit cards for this.

  • If you'd like more advice on common charges (and what you can do to avoid them) read our complete guide to car hire.