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Spain is a popular holiday destination with travellers from the UK, and you don't have to look far to find out why. There are vibrant cities, stunning beaches, beautiful mountains and plenty of historical attractions too. In fact, there's so much to see, that it's a great idea to arrange some car hire in Spain to pick up when you arrive, so that you can head off and explore!

The roads here are well signposted, although you should look out for toll roads if you're watching your pennies. With your cheap hire car in Spain it won't be too expensive to use them, but little bits can add up fast on holiday if you're not careful! There are always alternatives to the toll roads, and whilst they may have more traffic, they are often a more interesting route.

Be sure to take a map with you, or buy one as soon as you get behind the wheel of your Spain hire car, especially if you're going to be navigating your way through or past any of the major cities! And make sure your map reader is on top form if you drive your cheap hire car anywhere near Spain's capital of Madrid!

Getting cheap car hire in Spain is a particularly great way to save if you're on a cheap family holiday in Spain because getting around on public transport can be fairly expensive when there are so many of you.

Hiring a car in Spain

It's easy to pick up cheap car hire in Spain as soon as you arrive at the airport, but the best way to know you're getting a good price is by booking in advance. That way you have time to check all the options. It's also a good idea because in some resorts they can run out of cheap and reasonably priced cars in the hectic summer months.

It's also a good idea to do your homework! First thing's first - make sure you're prepared to drive your cheap Spain hire car on the right side of the road. It's a good idea to get everyone in the car working as a team here, particularly when you set off in the mornings and at quiet junctions! If you wear glasses to drive you must make sure that you have a spare pair on hand, and watch out for the drink-driving limit as it's lower than in the UK. When it comes to filling up the tank, remember which fuel you need - benzin is petrol and gasoleo is diesel (gasoleo). Remember that away from the main roads, many garages, as well as other shops, shut over lunchtime.

What to visit in Spain

With a hire car in Spain it's easy to visit some off-the-beaten-track sights as well as more popular attractions that are a little out of the way. There are numerous pretty towns and villages, as well as a stunning landscape that ranges from mountains to very arid plains, dotted with Moorish palaces, Gothic cathedrals and Renaissance buildings. Travelling around Spain with car hire gives you the chance to experience the huge variety in architecture, cuisine and culture, which changes by region.

Many of us from the UK want to head over to Spain to soak up the sun on the many beaches. From behind the wheel of a hire car you could explore Spain's quieter side, with the beaches near Cadiz very pretty and secluded, offering a quieter time away. You could also head to the coast near Galicia, Asturias, Manga, Cantabria or the Basque Country and explore the many smaller and hidden beaches in the area.

It's hard to go anywhere in Spain without tripping over a cultural attraction! Even seaside resorts like Malaga boast Roman ruins and a Moorish stronghold! But behind the wheel of your car, there is even more you can see with ease. Perhaps one of the top sights in the country is the Alhambra, which is close to Granada.

There are numerous amazing places where you can enjoy the great outdoors as well, with plenty of remote spots only accessible by renting a car in Spain. The Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges offer amazing places to walk and enjoy the scenery in the summer months, as well as skiing in winter! If you visit the area near Nerja you will find an almost alien desert landscape as well as some amazing caves. You can even stay the night in some of the caves for a real adventure!

And don't overlook the pueblos, which are tiny Spanish villages. There are plenty to discover, but to give you a few ideas you could try Cadaques, Cudillero, Besalu and Ronda. Give yourself a day to explore, maybe book a hotel and be sure to taste plenty of the local food whilst you're there.

So book yourself a cheap flight to Spain, book that cheap car rental and head off for a holiday to remember.

General Advice on Hiring a Car

When you purchase car hire you are entering into a contract with your car hire company. Always check their terms and conditions before you buy to make sure you're aware of your responsibilities when you collect your car in Spain, and any additional charges.

Here's a few things to watch out for:

  • Almost all car hire companies add a mandatory fee for drivers under the age of 25.
  • Check what level of insurance is included for the hire car in Spain. In particular check how much the excess is (the amount you need to pay in the event of any accident) you may want to take out additional insurance.
  • Check what the fuel policy is with your car. Don't forget to fill up the tank before you drop it off if you've agreed to return it full!
  • Find out if there's a maximum daily mileage - especially if you're planning to do a lot of driving in Spain!
  • You'll need to pay a deposit (or pre-approve one) to pick up the car. Most car rental companies will only accept credit cards for this.

  • If you'd like more advice on common charges (and what you can do to avoid them) read our complete guide to car hire.