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  • 1 Flying to Alghero from the UK will take around 2 hours and 25 minutes, landing at Alghero International Airport - Riviera del Corallo, which is 10 kilometres from the town centre.
  • 2 Cheap direct flights to Alghero are available from London Luton by budget airline Ryanair.
  • 3 Alghero Airport has a daily shuttle service connecting the airport to the town centre and tickets are available from an airport vending machine.

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  • London - Alghero

    OUTBOUND : 17/08/18

    20:55 LCY » 17:45 AHO

    1 change

    INBOUND : 31/08/18

    07:50 AHO » 14:25 LCY

    1 change

    £ 170 pp

The Sardinian resort of Alghero has real atmosphere and charm. Situated on the island's west coast, the town features cobbled streets lined with bars, restaurants and boutiques. These are punctuated by bustling squares. In the 14th century, Alghero was conquered by Aragon, starting a Catalan presence that lasted for hundreds of years. Indeed, as well as Italian, Catalan is widely spoken in the town and street signs and menus are often in both languages. The local currency is the euro. To book Alghero flights, or to peruse cheap flights to other Italian destinations, just use our search tool.

What To See In Alghero

May and June bring warm weather and clear skies to Alghero, meaning this is a good time to visit. By August, temperatures can be uncomfortably hot and droves of Italian holidaymakers arrive, driving prices up.

Flights to Alghero

Direct flights to Alghero from the UK take around two and a half hours and Alghero International Airport is located less than 10 kilometres from the town centre. Holidaymakers can make this short journey by taxi, train or bus. Alternatively, you can hire a car to reach your Alghero hotel. Once in town, there are lots of ways to get around. Visitors can use taxis or shuttle buses, for example. In addition, scooters are available to rent, as are town and mountain bikes.

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What to see in Alghero

Many of those who travel to Alghero make the trip to Grotta di Nettuno. This awe-inspiring underground network of caves complete with its sharp stalactites and stalagmites is a true wonder. To reach it, you can descend a 654-step staircase. Alternatively, a ferry takes sightseers to the attraction and bus services are available too. The Museo Diocesano d'Arte Sacra is another fantastic attraction housing a collection of religious art, including paintings, wood carvings and silverware. Meanwhile, the Mare Nostrum Aquarium is perfect for family outings. Sardinia's only aquarium, it is home to various sea creatures, such as leopard sharks and piranhas!

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