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  • 1 It's far cheaper to fly direct with departures from Manchester, London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Newcastle.
  • 2 Prices tend to be higher from May to October but Cancun is also great for some winter sun.
  • 3 If there's one time to avoid, then it's the US Spring Break - Cancun is a popular destination and gets filled up with partying college kids.

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    OUTBOUND : 30/01/18

    08:35 LGW » 14:30 CUN

    0 changes

    INBOUND : 13/02/18

    16:45 CUN » 06:50 LGW

    0 changes

    £ 229 pp
  • London - Cancun

    OUTBOUND : 30/01/18

    19:20 LHR » 10:55 CUN

    2 changes

    INBOUND : 13/02/18

    10:10 CUN » 12:25 LHR

    2 changes

    £ 256 pp
  • London - Cancun

    American Airlines
    OUTBOUND : 30/01/18

    16:45 LGW » 13:05 CUN

    1 change

    INBOUND : 13/02/18

    14:05 CUN » 10:00 LGW

    1 change

    £ 293 pp
  • London - Cancun

    Air Canada
    OUTBOUND : 02/04/18

    14:25 LHR » 20:05 CUN

    2 changes

    INBOUND : 16/04/18

    21:35 CUN » 12:05 LHR

    1 change

    £ 424 pp
  • London - Cancun

    Virgin Atlantic
    OUTBOUND : 01/11/18

    12:30 LHR » 19:40 CUN

    1 change

    INBOUND : 08/11/18

    16:15 CUN » 09:45 LHR

    1 change

    £ 424 pp
  • Manchester - Cancun

    OUTBOUND : 07/03/18

    06:15 MAN » 23:35 CUN

    2 changes

    INBOUND : 21/03/18

    06:00 CUN » 06:15 MAN

    2 changes

    £ 435 pp
  • Manchester - Cancun

    OUTBOUND : 23/01/18

    10:35 MAN » 20:50 CUN

    1 change

    INBOUND : 30/01/18

    08:32 CUN » 07:00 MAN

    1 change

    £ 466 pp
  • Manchester - Cancun

    Thomas Cook
    OUTBOUND : 19/05/18

    11:35 MAN » 16:05 CUN

    0 changes

    INBOUND : 26/05/18

    11:10 CUN » 07:25 MAN

    1 change

    £ 530 pp

Dancing on the streets is par for the course in Cancun, a city in which having a good time is the order of the day for visitors and residents alike. With an excellent beach, plenty of sun and a million ways to let off some steam, Cancun flights are your gateway to the Mexican equivalent of Ibiza.

Cancun was specifically developed to appeal to tourists, which is why it is a hot ticket for those travelling in from the US as well as those from further afield. The sun, sand and sea are all present and correct, as are the all-night parties, street festivals and extensive all inc hotels.

Flights To Cancun

Cheap flights to Cancun can take as little as 11 hours direct or upwards of 13 hours with additional stopovers or transfers. A flight to Cancun International Airport will leave you 30 to 40 minutes away from the beach, the bars and the cheap Cancun hotels.

Travel to Cancun

Cancun International Airport is Mexico's second busiest airport and is served by a large number of flights from airports around the UK. These include some national carriers as well as charter flights which are by far the cheaper option

On arrival in Cancun

The airport is about six miles from the central hotel zone in Cancun and two companies, Gray Line and TTA, run regular shuttle services from the airport into town.

Getting around Cancun

Buses are by far the most convenient mode of transport - though perhaps not the most comfortable or spacious! Services are regular and cheap with Kukulcan Boulevard especially being serviced by a constant flow of buses. Taxis are also widely available though you'll find that these are considerably more expensive in the Hotel Zone than they are in the downtown area. Hiring a car from Cancun Airport is also an option, and is a good idea if you're planning on exploring as the hotel zone is rather spread out. There aren't many cars on Isla Mujeres - you can hire a golf cart to get about though!

Travelling further afield

The main long distance bus terminal is located on Avenue Tulum and runs services to cities across the country - as far as Mexico City (a journey of approximately 26 hours) For further journeys, change at Mexico City.

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Cancun Weather

Weather in Cancun is nice all year round, hovering around the 30°C mark. The hottest months are between May and October when temperatures regularly push above 30°C and sea temperatures have been known to reach 28°C! This is also the rainy season, though rain usually falls for brief spells at the end of the day meaning that this needn't necessarily be a reason not to take a holiday in Cancun over the summer months.

Cancun's Tourist Season

Cancun's peak season is between November and April. The busiest point is generally during spring break when there is an annual influx of college students from the US. May and late April are perhaps the best time to snap up a bargain Cancun holiday and experience Cancun relatively quiet. The peak season is over and the summer humidity has not yet hit.

Events in Cancun

There are a variety of festivals in Cancun throughout the year. Many of the biggest festivals are Christian in focus - Semanta Santa; the Easter festivities being one of the biggest festivals in the country. The Summer Solstice is marked every year at Chichen Itza where many go to gather around the Castillo. La Fiesta de Playa is the August beach festival featuring a number of concerts, competitions, parties and cultural events along Cancun's beaches. The Grito de la Indepencia on 15th September is the national day of independence when processions and celebrations pass through the streets of Downtown. The Day of the Dead, one of the biggest festivals in Mexico, takes place in early November and Features lots of partying and colourful decorations.




Currency is the Mexican Peso. There are plenty of ATMs dotted around town. Bureaus de changes as well as hotels will exchange dollars, euro and sterling


The official language of Mexico is Spanish. However due to the heavy dependence on tourism most workers in the Hotel Zone speak English to some extent. This will also be true of tourist industry workers in the main sites of the Yucatan Peninsula. However, if you intend to spend some time in downtown Cancun, be prepared to find it harder to make yourself understood.

Dialling codes:

Mexico: +52. Cancun: 998


If hiring a car in Cancun, be aware that police can be very corrupt. Poorly paid, they have been known to go to some lengths to exact bribes from tourists. Make sure that you don't give them any excuse. Thoroughly check out the car you are hiring and be aware that you are likely to be pulled over if, for example, your tail lights aren't working.


UK nationals do not require a visa to enter Mexico for holiday purposes. A fee of around $20 paid on arrival will entitle visitors to stay for up to six months.

Current Foreign Office Advice for Mexico

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