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Key West is a free spirited town which sits almost separate from the rest of the USA, a thin ribbon of road existing as its only link to the mainland. This has allowed it to develop a great personality and a unique charm that makes even cheap Key West hotels fun, friendly places to stay.

Flights To Key West

A flight to Key West can take around nine and a half hours when travelling from the UK. Cheap flights to Key West are often extended by a transfer at another of Florida's major airports, generally Orlando. Key West Airport is only 15 minutes away from the main settlement, which should make it simple to reach your final destination once you disembark from Key West flights.

Getting Around Key West

You can get around Key West on foot, but if you are travelling in on Key West flights you might want to find cheap Key West car hire at the airport. This will let you see more of the Florida Keys and experience the thrill of driving on the extended road bridges which get you into the town.

What To See In Key West

Beautiful old mansions, glass bottom boat rides and high quality seafood help to make Key West a great holiday destination. Taking a tour of the streets is sensible and it will let you delve into the local community which is made up of an eclectic collection of long-term residents, past celebrities and those who came for a holiday and never left.

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