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Resorts, sun, sea and sand all typify a holiday in Kos, but it is not as all-out touristy as its neighbours, which means you can enjoy a slightly more relaxing experience if you are not only looking for tanning and a hectic nightlife.

What To See In Kos

A holiday in Kos will typically be spent on or near the beach, whether absorbing the rays of the sun, splashing in the sea or taking a cool drink from a nearby cafe or restaurant. Hippocrates, a man who still commands respect amongst western medical practitioners, was perhaps the most famous of Kos' former residents and you can find out more during your stay.

Travel to Kos

Kos Island Airport (also known as Hippocrates airport) is serviced by flights from many airports in the UK between May and October. These include London Gatwick, Bristol, Glasgow and Manchester. In the off season, it's possible to transit in Athens, Milan or Frankfurt from where direct flights are available to Kos all year round.

On arrival in Kos

There are a number of options available to you on arrival at Kos Airport. There are several car rental agencies in the airport as well as taxi services. For those wishing to take public transport, KTEL buses regularly make the 22km journey from the airport to Kos city from the roundabout in front of the airport. There are other smaller bus services running from the airport to other destinations around the island.

Getting around Kos

Being such a small island, Kos is not difficult to traverse and most people use the bus network which links the larger resorts and settlements. There are also taxis to be found in the towns and scooters and cars can also be hired.

Travelling further afield

There are a number of options for onward travel available. From Kos city, ferries regularly leave to go to Crete, Rhodes and Turkey. From Mastrichari, you can catch the small ferry to Kalmyros.

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Kos Weather

Kos has a semi tropical climate and is pleasant the whole year round. Even in the middle of winter, the temperature is unlikely to slip below 13°C and in the summer it regularly hits 30°C. The summers are also very dry and rain is highly unusual.

Kos' Tourist Season

Kos is usually very busy during July and August. For those wanting to avoid the peak of the tourist influx, May and October are relatively quiet months at the same time as being warm enough to enjoy a beach holiday.

Events in Kos

Thanks to Kos's three municipalities, the summer months are jam packed with exciting and interesting festivals and cultural events. The Hippocrateia Festival in Kos Town runs right through summer and includes concerts as well as ancient and contemporary plays. July and August see both the Dikea and Heraclea festivals arrive in Kos. These include concerts, theatrical performances, traditional dances and photography exhibitions. There are other small local and religious festivals across the island throughout the year. The Giorti tou Meliou is one such event - a festival to mark the harvesting of the honey in Antimachia.




The Greek currency has been the Euro (€) since 2002. Since the adoption of the Euro, prices have shot up meaning that Greece is no longer the poor man's Mediterranean country it once was. ATMs are to be found in Kos town and the larger resorts. Many larger hotels will be willing to change foreign currency too.


Greek is the official language of Greece and whilst you can expect people in the tourist trade to speak English, the average Kos farmer is unlikely to.

Dialling codes:

The Greek dialling code is +30. The local code for Kos is 2725.


Citizens of the UK do not require a visa to enter Greece

Current Foreign Office Advice for Greece

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