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Dubbed as the City of Spices, Kozhikode was a major trading point during the middle ages. In 2012 it was given the nickname of the City of Sculptures thanks to various works dotted around the city. It's located in coastal south India in the Kerala region, and boasts a strong culinary culture featuring influences from south and north Indian, European, Chinese and Arab food.

The city has a long beach with apartments lining its shores. At Dolphin Point you can watch dolphins breaching the ocean in the mornings. You can visit Tali Temple, one of the most revered in the district, to learn about the city's religious traditions and customs.

Flights to Kozhikode

Flights to Kozhikode from the UK are offered by numerous airlines including Etihad, Oman Air and Air India. It?s easy to fly there from Birmingham, Edinburgh, London and Manchester with at least one stop along the way. This will usually be in a city in India or in the Middle East. Depending on how long the stopover is, the journey time could range from around 16-24 hours on average.

When to Travel

Kozhikode's climate is tropical, which means you can expect rainfall throughout the year, but hot weather reaching highs of around 34°C in April and 33°C in February, March and May. Temperatures cool to about 29°C in July and August, with temperatures rarely falling below 23°C. The highest amount of rainfall occurs in June and July, and December to March are the driest months. Winter is the best time to visit if you want to sightsee in comfort, but if you want to see the city at its most green, fly there during the monsoon season.

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