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Cheapest Flight Deals to Lanzarote by Month

Lanzarote is one of the Canary Islands which lie just off the coast of Africa. It's a popular winter sun destination thanks to the great weather and number of cheap flights to Lanzarote. Get hold of car hire in Lanzarote to make even more of your adventure.

Lanzarote is the most sedate of the Canary Islands, so if you want lively nightlife head to Puerto del Carmen. There are many cultural attractions, predominantly designed by resident Cesar Manrique - such as the Jameos del Agua caves. Lanzarote, like the rest of the Canaries is the product of a mass of volcanic activity and the dramatic central landscapes give way to both volcanic sand beaches and white sandy beaches, like Papagayo in the south near Playa Blanca, which is one of the most popular. Time your trip to coincide with the February carnivals or in October for the National Day celebrations if you want to join in a huge party. Just make sure you book ahead to get a great deal!

Flights to Lanzarote

Flights to Lanzarote depart from all over the UK and they all land into Lanzarote Airport, the only airport on the island. Many cheap holidays to Lanzarote often include flights, accommodation and transfers if you want to get it all sorted at the same time. This can be a great way to reduce some of booking stress. If you're after cheap Lanzarote flights, make sure you plan ahead, so that you know where you want to go and when and then keep your eye out for a bargain.

Direct flights to Lanzarote

A direct flight to Lanzarote is technically classed as mid haul, since the flight time averages at just over four hours from London. There are plenty of other UK cities you can fly from though, like Manchester and Liverpool. This is thanks to the island's year-round popularity and sun-drenched beaches. Like the other Canary Islands, it's extremely easy to get to, and competition between airlines is fierce.

If you want to bag yourself a cheap direct flight to Lanzarote, try looking for them during the winter months. January and February see some of the lowest prices. And it's still warm at this time of year, which is why many choose to travel then. Try to avoid the peak summer season if you want the best price on a direct flight to Lanzarote.

Travel to Lanzarote

With over 25 airlines offering flights from the UK to Lanzarote Airport it's easy to find convenient travel to the island. For the best deals it may be worth all the airports you can get to and being flexible with travel dates. Flights take about four hours and it's worth checking the holiday deals for cheap accommodation too. You can also arrive from the other Canary Islands by plane or by boat.

On arrival in Lanzarote

Public transport from the airport is minimal in Lanzarote, although what there is is good value. The bus line serving the airport connects with Arrecife, where you can travel onwards. You should also check with your hotel to see whether they offer free transfers. Taxis to Puerto del Carmen are upwards of €20 and to Playa Blanca at least €30. Car hire is also available at the airport, great if you want to explore the island's interior.

Getting around Lanzarote

There is a reasonable bus service on Lanzarote which operates predominantly between coastal towns, which is useful if you're planning on visiting other beach resorts. Circular routes also operate around the whole island. For any other sightseeing hiring a car is probably the best option. Even though the island can be traversed in under a couple of hours, taxis can be expensive and buses don't reach any of the inland sights. Scooter hire is also available but not advised because of the high winds inland.

Lanzarote Weather

Lanzarote has excellent weather all year and is the driest of all the Canary Islands, with an average of only 16 days' rain per year. The rain generally falls between December and February. Average summer temperatures are about 25°C and in winter around 17°C, with the south of the island generally experiencing slightly more sun and less wind than the north. The centre of the Lanzarote is prone to gusty weather. In the summer the island can suffer from the calima, sandy winds from Africa, which tend to last a couple of days.

Lanzarote Tourist Season

There are two peaks in the tourist season in Lanzarote, one in the summer and again in the winter. July and August see an influx of visitors flying in from the UK looking for guaranteed sun, and tourists from Spain looking to escape the stifling heat. December and January see more visitors from the UK and other northern European countries wanting a bit of winter warmth. Prices in Lanzarote are highest during these times and the island is at its busiest. But since weather is great all year round it's worth considering a holiday to Lanzarote at a different time to get a great deal.




€ Euros. Most holiday resorts offer reasonable exchange rates on money, both from ATMs or exchanging money at banks. Watch out at the airport though as the rates tend to be bad and ATMs charge a hefty sum for withdrawals!


Spanish is the native language of Lanzarote, but English and German are widely spoken, and are particularly prevalent in the resorts.

Dialling codes:

+34 for Spain and then 928 for Lanzarote numbers


Holidaymakers only need to take their valid UK passport to enter Lanzarote.

Current Foreign Office Advice for Spain

Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote

Timanfaya National Park has an otherworldly landscape

El Golfo Beach, Lanzarote

El Golfo Beach boasts black sand and bright turquoise waters

Cactus Garden, Lanzarote

The Cactus Garden has over 1,000 different species

Green Lagoon, Lanzarote

Plenty of things come brightly-coloured here, like the Green Lagoon

Jameos del Agua, Lanzarote

The pool at the Jameos del Agua is so beautiful only the King of Spain can swim in it!

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