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  • 1 You can fly direct to Nairobi from Heathrow, but you can save a lot of money by making a stop along the way. Flight time direct is around eight and a half hours and this will be longer for connecting flights.
  • 2 February and March are two of the best months to get cheap tickets to Nairobi.
  • 3 The airport is only 10 miles from the city centre, a journey you can make by rental car or taxi with ease.

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    British Airways
    OUTBOUND : 18/03/18

    10:05 LHR » 21:30 NBO

    0 changes

    INBOUND : 25/03/18

    00:30 NBO » 08:15 LHR

    0 changes

    £ 427 pp
  • Birmingham - Nairobi

    Turkish Airlines
    OUTBOUND : 09/06/18

    11:40 BHX » 03:15 NBO

    1 change

    INBOUND : 16/06/18

    05:45 NBO » 17:05 BHX

    1 change

    £ 325 pp
  • London - Nairobi

    OUTBOUND : 22/02/18

    18:35 LGW » 04:00 NBO

    1 change

    INBOUND : 06/03/18

    05:00 NBO » 17:25 LGW

    1 change

    £ 338 pp
  • London - Nairobi

    Royal Air Maroc
    OUTBOUND : 24/02/18

    15:15 LGW » 04:05 NBO

    1 change

    INBOUND : 01/03/18

    06:45 NBO » 10:05 LGW

    1 change

    £ 351 pp
  • London - Nairobi

    Ethiopian Air
    OUTBOUND : 22/02/18

    20:15 LHR » 13:30 NBO

    1 change

    INBOUND : 06/03/18

    19:20 NBO » 06:35 LHR

    1 change

    £ 357 pp
  • London - Nairobi

    OUTBOUND : 06/06/18

    22:45 LGW » 15:15 NBO

    1 change

    INBOUND : 20/06/18

    17:35 NBO » 08:20 LGW

    1 change

    £ 363 pp
  • London - Nairobi

    Kenya Airways
    OUTBOUND : 01/05/18

    07:30 LHR » 07:10 NBO

    1 change

    INBOUND : 08/05/18

    08:55 NBO » 18:10 LHR

    1 change

    £ 368 pp
  • Birmingham - Nairobi

    OUTBOUND : 04/06/18

    10:15 BHX » 22:45 NBO

    1 change

    INBOUND : 12/06/18

    16:25 NBO » 11:45 BHX

    2 changes

    £ 387 pp

As not just the largest city in Kenya, but the whole of East Africa, Nairobi's reputation precedes it. It is both chaotic and urban, with undeniable poverty and terrible traffic. But plenty who call it home have a big space in their hearts for this cosmopolitan city. There's also exciting cultural goings on and irrepressible energy here.

Despite its rough-edged reputation, Nairobi is actually very hospitable if you stay within the tourist-friendly areas. You'll find cafes, bars and clubs all welcoming those who have just disembarked from cheap flights to Nairobi. Plus there's no denying the appeal of holidays and safaris into the surrounding country.

As with any travel plans, do keep up to date with the latest Foreign Office advice.

Flights To Nairobi

Travellers on Nairobi flights from the UK will be in the air for about eight and a half hours if you go direct. However currently for 2017 and 2018, London Heathrow is the only UK airport with direct flights to Nairobi. You can fly with either British Airways or Kenya Airways, so use dealchecker's comparison tools to see who is offering you the best deal.

If you need to fly from a different UK airport, or you're looking for an even cheaper flight to Nairobi you will need to take a connecting flight. This will add a bit of time onto your journey - but it needn't be too much if you look out for convenient routes and short connection times. European airlines like Lufthansa and KLM will fly you to Nairobi via their transport hubs in Frankfurt and Amsterdam. You can also make use of Middle Eastern Airlines, like Qatar Airways who will fly to Nairobi via Doha and Emirates who connect in Dubai.

Each flight to Nairobi touches down at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport which is a little under 10 miles from the centre, making transfers to the Nairobi hotels nice and short.

Getting Around Nairobi

For the more adventurous, you have the option to use Nairobi car hire, although navigating the city can be difficult and proper preparation is advised. The alternative is to take the bus, which is relatively simple. Taxis are considered to be expensive but once dark falls you're better off paying a little more to ensure your safety, and remember that fares are always negotiable.

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What To See In Nairobi

Many safari seekers jump on Nairobi flights and then use the city as a base before embarking on excursions into the wilds of Africa which surround it. Nairobi National Park is a few miles out of town and packed with wildlife, with big cats such as cheetahs and lions lounging in the sun and hunting alongside herds of zebra and giraffes.

To learn more about the country's history visit the National Museum of Kenya, which not only has thousands of fossils but also close to 1,000 animals which have been preserved by taxidermists.

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