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  • 1 Flights are cheap and direct from London, Liverpool and Manchester but you might find prices are lower if you go indirect from other airports.
  • 2 Over the winter flights tend to be every couple of days, with daily options in the summer.
  • 3 The peak tourist time is the summer so you can expect to see a slight price increase at this time.

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    British Airways
    OUTBOUND : 13/06/18

    17:35 LGW » 21:15 NAP

    0 changes

    INBOUND : 20/06/18

    22:05 NAP » 23:55 LGW

    0 changes

    £ 96 pp
  • London - Naples Italy

    OUTBOUND : 24/09/18

    08:25 LHR » 19:35 NAP

    1 change

    INBOUND : 01/10/18

    20:30 NAP » 00:05 LHR

    1 change

    £ 128 pp
  • Manchester - Naples Italy

    Air France
    OUTBOUND : 03/10/18

    20:40 MAN » 23:50 NAP

    1 change

    INBOUND : 10/10/18

    07:20 NAP » 09:30 MAN

    1 change

    £ 165 pp
  • Manchester - Naples Italy

    OUTBOUND : 03/10/18

    20:35 MAN » 16:25 NAP

    2 changes

    INBOUND : 10/10/18

    12:25 NAP » 11:25 MAN

    2 changes

    £ 166 pp

Naples is the largest city in southern Italy, taking its name from the Greek word Neapolis, meaning 'new city.' It's a vibrant and cosmopolitan place, and is the third most populated city in the whole of Italy. Naples is steeped in history and with many historical and interesting sights, charming narrow winding streets and small eclectic shops you will have plenty to do after cheap Naples flights arrive. It's also famous for its pizza, coffee and seafood so get stuck in!

What to see in Naples

There are a great variety of Naples hotels, all offering a gateway to the city and its treasures. Pompeii and Herculaneum (Ercolano in Italian) are ancient cities dating back to the fifth century BC, preserved in a huge volcanic eruption, well worth making day trips to. There are plenty of museums to explore too, such as Museo Cappella Sansevero or the National Museum of Capodimonte, which showcase the religious and artistic heritages respectively. Whatever your preferences, Naples is a delight for people of all ages, so take advantage of those cheap flights to Naples and see all it has to offer.

Flights to Naples

With flights to Naples taking less than three hours from major UK destinations it makes those cheap Naples flights even more attractive. Naples International Airport is located approximately six kilometres to the north of the city which makes car hire from the airport a good option for transfers.

Getting around Naples

There are a wealth of options for getting around in Naples with the most convenient being car hire from Naples Airport. There are two underground stations, a major central train station and plenty of buses operating regular bus services, but to have the greatest freedom on your holiday, car hire is ideal.

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