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  • 1 Perugia has a small regional airport that is served by Ryanair, with cheap flights direct from London Stansted.
  • 2 To get into town from the airport you can take a local bus, a shuttle bus or rent a car.
  • 3 If you prefer to fly from Glasgow or Manchester to have more flight options, you can fly to Rome Fiumicino and from there take a bus to Perugia (three hours).

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The walled city of Perugia sits proudly on a hilltop and thanks to its respectful population it hasn't changed from an architectural standpoint since the 16th century. This means there are beautiful churches, well stocked museums and impressive houses at every turn, whilst the presence of a bustling student population means it never feels suffocated by the weight of history.

Flights To Perugia

It takes the best part of two and a half hours for Perugia flights to reach their destination. Direct Perugia flights are operated seasonally by budget airlines and cheap flights to Perugia land at San Egidio Airport, which is about 25 minutes from the city centre.

Getting Around Perugia

The hotels in Perugia are usually located in areas where strict car restrictions are imposed, so if you rent a vehicle do not expect to be able to travel as freely around the centre as you might elsewhere. For those looking for car hire in Perugia, the airport is the clear choice because of the range of options you will have there. Buses labour up the steep hills around the city and taxis are also on offer.

What To See In Perugia

The 16th century fortress of Rocca Paolina can be accessed from the Piazza Italia and its underground chambers are eerie and dense with historic meaning. Nearby is the Mars Gate, created over 1300 years ago and subsequently built into the walls of the city. Other important sights include the Cathedral of San Lorenzo and the Town Hall, although every street has a new secret to uncover after a flight to Perugia.

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