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  • 1 Flights to Pescara can be done in under 90 minutes, and go direct from London Stansted. January is a particularly cheap time to fly, though any time from December to March is great value.
  • 2 Abruzzo Airport in Pescara is three kilometres from the centre of town, accessible by bus, train, taxi and rental car.
  • 3 Why not search dealchecker for flights from Pescara to Rome, Perugia or Naples and add to your Italian adventure?

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Pescara serves dual purposes, with its seaside location and wealth of top accommodation making it a tourist hotspot, whilst its travel links mean that transport is also important to the local economy. Although the beaches will keep most people distracted after Pescara flights land, there is more to uncover if you are willing to delve beneath the surface of the city rather than just into the warm sea.

Flights To Pescara

It should take under an hour and a half for cheap Pescara flights to reach the city. A flight to Pescara will arrive at Abruzzo International Airport and budget airlines offer Pescara flights regularly during the summer months. It's only a few minutes outside of the city so you can check into hotels in Pescara shortly after disembarking from the plane.

Getting Around Pescara

The city itself is relatively compact, or at least the areas which are most interesting to tourists are grouped close together. As such you can use Pescara car hire to see more of the surrounding region of Abruzzo if you so choose whilst relying on your legs to get you to and from the beaches.

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What To See In Pescara

With a rental car you will be able to enjoy local points of interest such as La Bella Addormentata, a range of beautiful mountains which are 40 minutes drive from Pescara. The port area of Pescara is the oldest district in the city and comes alive at night with cool hangouts, whilst in the day its cafes and restaurants are more laid back.

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