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  • 1 Rimini is served by Federico Fellini International Airport, formerly known as Rimini Miramare Airport.
  • 2 There are regular buses that run the seven kilometres into the town centre.
  • 3 To get to Rimini the best option is to fly to Bologna and from there take an airport bus to the train station and take a train to Rimini. The bus takes 28 minutes and the train 55 minutes.

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Rimini's seafront location and idyllic beach have attracted tourists from far and wide over the years, and it's still a major stopover point in the summer months. This in turn has forged an enticing nightlife where the country's top venues pump out the tunes until the morning returns.

Flights To Rimini

A flight to Rimini from the UK takes around two hours and ten minutes. Budget airlines provide you with the means to book cheap flights to Rimini and these will land at Federico Fellini Airport which is only 10 minutes outside of the centre.

Getting Around Rimini

When the peak summer season is in full swing, the local bus services operate late into the night to ferry people between clubs so that they don't get lost after Rimini flights. Those who want to do more than just lay on the beach and hit the clubs will want to book car hire from Rimini Airport. This is inexpensive and there are major firms available so that getting to cheap Rimini hotels and out into the surrounding countryside is easy.

What To See In Rimini

Aside from the beach and the bars, Rimini has a lot to offer with many monuments and buildings dating back to the time of the Roman Empire. Augustus Arch and Tiberius Bridge are two of the most popular examples of this architecture. As you may have guessed from the name of the nearby airport, film director Federico Fellini is a famed resident of the town and there is a museum dedicated to his life and works for cinema fans on Rimini flights.

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