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  • 1 There are cheap and plentiful direct flights so don't waste your time or money going indirect.
  • 2 The lowest fares can generally be found from London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester, Bristol and Glasgow but you should also check your local airport.
  • 3 Prices tend to be low in winter and higher in summer although it's a great winter sun destination - flights might not go every day though so stay flexible!

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  • London - Sharm el Sheikh

    Turkish Airlines
    OUTBOUND : 04/06/18

    15:05 LHR » 03:40 SSH

    1 change

    INBOUND : 11/06/18

    04:35 SSH » 21:45 LHR

    1 change

    £ 308 pp
  • London - Sharm el Sheikh

    OUTBOUND : 01/05/18

    23:35 LHR » 09:45 SSH

    1 change

    INBOUND : 08/05/18

    13:00 SSH » 14:35 LHR

    1 change

    £ 402 pp
  • London - Sharm el Sheikh

    Saudi Arabian
    OUTBOUND : 27/10/18

    21:00 LHR » 15:30 SSH

    1 change

    INBOUND : 03/11/18

    18:50 SSH » 06:25 LHR

    1 change

    £ 403 pp
  • London - Sharm el Sheikh

    Brussels Airlines
    OUTBOUND : 24/08/18

    07:50 LHR » 20:10 SSH

    1 change

    INBOUND : 31/08/18

    21:10 SSH » 22:35 LHR

    1 change

    £ 459 pp

Sharm El Sheikh is a paradise for anyone who wants an all-inclusive package holiday in a sun-drenched, comfortable atmosphere. Situated on a glorious bay which teems with diving-friendly marine life, the luxurious Sharm El Sheikh hotels will keep you well rested before another day in the sun.

Flights To Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh flights from the UK will take around five hours, and due to the wide variety of tour operators serving the resort it is possible to find cheap flights to Sharm El Sheikh from various airports. Transfers to your hotel after a flight to Sharm El Sheikh will take around 45 minutes to an hour.

Getting Around Sharm El Sheikh

The resort is fairly self-contained, which means you should have all you need in your hotel and the surrounding area. You can use car hire from Sharm El Sheikh Airport if you wish but it may prove superfluous if you are not planning on visiting other nearby resorts. Taxis are common and relatively cheap but insist on a metered trip to avoid being stung.

What To See In Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is all about the beach and night-time activities, and whether you are lounging by the pool or preparing for a dip in the sea you will need to be ready for some serious summer heat. The mountains which sit behind the resort supply a stunning backdrop and those looking for real pampering will love the level of luxury available in the accommodation after your Sharm El Sheikh flights arrive.

Travel to Sharm el Sheikh

All flights to Sharm El Sheikh arrive at the International Airport. Travellers with a UK passport do not need to buy a tourist visa (£20) unless you are planning a trip to Cairo or Luxor, although you may be pressured to buy one.

On arrival in Sharm el Sheikh

Taxis should not cost very much at all from the airport to most hotels in Sharm el Sheikh, although fares can be as higher if you don't haggle and agree a fixed price before embarking on a journey. For the more adventurous, microbuses depart the airport regularly for destinations around Sharm El Sheikh.

Getting around Sharm el Sheikh

Both taxis and microbuses ply the roads around Sharm el Sheikh. Licensed taxis are generally white and blue and should display a sticker showing charges. Agree a rate before you set off and have the correct money to pay as sometimes it is difficult to get change. Microbuses are much cheaper as you'll be sharing with others, but their routes are well known, and once you get the hang of them they are an efficient way of getting about the resort. Your final option is to arrange some car hire in Sharm el Sheikh and to drive yourself around the resort.

Travelling further afield

If you're travelling elsewhere in Egypt your options include a ferry across the red sea to the popular holiday destination of Hurghada, or daily buses to the Egyptian capital, Cairo. Buses also leave Sharm el Sheikh daily for Eilat across the border in Israel.

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Alice, dealchecker Editor

Whilst Sharm El Sheikh has a dry, desert climate it benefits from cool breezes off the Red Sea, which largely means the region doesn't have a problem with humidity. You wouldn't even be considering a Sharm el Sheikh holiday unless you were after some sun, and you're pretty much guaranteed that all year round. Temperatures in the coolest months from December to February are likely to hover around 22°C, and sunshine is abundant. It's this excellent winter climate that makes Sharm el Sheikh such a popular winter sun destination.

Sharm's hottest months are between June and September when the air temperature reaches an average of 33°C, and can heat up to a scorching 38°C! Because of the extreme heat in the summer months, most travellers find that April or November are the best times to fly to Sharm el Sheikh, especially if they're planning to make an excursion into the desert!

There's not one best time to enjoy the area's rich marine life and incredible coral reefs. The water's warm all year round, varying from 18°C in March to 28°C in September. More fish are drawn to the area by the warmer summer waters, but the flip side is there are more tourists in the water too. We've had instructors report early and late winter as the best time to scuba dive as this is when you get the best underwater visibility, but we think the water's pretty clear all year around.




Egyptian pounds. The exchange rate is approximately E£10 to £1. Hotels in Sharm el Sheikh can change sterling and US dollars and cash machines have small charges for withdrawal. It is useful to have small change E£1-E£2 coins on you at all times - both to tip staff as required, and because paying with exact money can avoid hassle.


Arabic is the official language of Egypt, but you'll find most people working in the tourist areas such as Sharm el Sheikh speak English, as well as some French and German.

Dialling codes:

The dialling code for Egypt is +20 followed by 69 for Sharm el Sheikh. Emergency Police Response 122.


UK citizens do not need a visa to enter at Sharm el Sheikh Airport, although you may be pressured to buy one. Travellers heading to Cairo or Luxor do need a visa though. Single use 30-day visas can be bought on arrival but multi-use visas must be purchased at the Egyptian Consulate prior to travel.

Current Foreign Office Advice for Egypt

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