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Across Bangladesh's largely flat expanse you will find deserts, swamps and lush grasslands where tigers and other forms of wildlife are protected in national parks. In the major cities, major projects are continuously being pursued to bring a modern gleam to the urban sprawl. A journey to Bangladesh will open your eyes to the reality of life and expose you to some of the most hectic cities in the world.

Flights To Bangladesh

Airlines such as Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways and Etihad Airway all run flights from the UK to Bangladesh. Departure airports, dependant on which airline you travel with, include Birmingham, Edinburgh, London Gatwick and Manchester. To get cheap flights to Bangladesh, your best bet would be to thoroughly research flight fares online using sites like dealchecker and try and book as far in advance as possible.

Flights to Bangladesh from the UK can take anywhere between 12-40 hours, depending on your route and the destination airport. For example, direct flights to Dhaka will take an estimated 13 hours to arrive at Shahjalal International Airport, the country's largest air travel hub. From here, it takes approximately 45 minutes to reach Dhaka.

Getting Around Bangladesh

Using public transport to get around is not going to be the most comfortable experience for foreigners on the move. It's not uncommon to see buses overcrowded to the point that people ride on the roof! For both safety and security, it's best to avoid the low cost public buses in particular. There are several bus lines that provide air-conditioned buses for long journeys but be aware that these buses travel along the same dangerous roads and the driving standards are not very high. Also avoid travelling at night and keep a close eye on your belongings.

Travelling by train will be easier on your nerves, but will cost slightly more and be slower than catching a bus. If you can afford it, it's probably worth splurging for 1st class on longer journeys.

Bangladesh is a country of rivers, so ferry and boat journeys are a great way to get around. Journeys will be much longer, but the experience and views will be worth it. Given the country's seasonal weather, there can be some disruptions, so check if water travel is appropriate and readily available during your visit. Out of the four classes, you will be better off booking 1st class, especially if you're sleeping overnight as the other classes (2nd, inter and deck) do not offer bedding!

What To See In Bangladesh

Spend a few nights in the capital city of Dhaka and be prepared to be overwhelmed by its many sights and sounds, not to mention its heaving population. Dhaka is the industrial and cultural hub of the country, as well as a shining example of the ever-widening gap between the poor and the rich. Browse the market wares at Shankharia Bazar then learn about Bangladesh's history at the National Museum and the Liberation War Museum. Escape the hustle and bustle by taking a trip down the Buriganga River, which runs through the middle of the city.

The mangrove forest of the Sundarbans National Park are definitely worth visiting if you're on the lookout for Bangladesh's most famous inhabitant, the Bengal tiger. The area was designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 and is also home to pythons, crocodiles and 260 species of bird. More timid beasts can be seen in Narail, where otters and fishermen share the waters looking to bring in the daily catch.