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Orlando[ MCO ]
£GLAMCOFri, 25 Jan £496GLAMCOWed, 6 Feb £940GLAMCOSat, 30 Mar £468GLAMCOFri, 19 Apr £476GLAMCOThu, 2 May £477GLAMCOWed, 12 Jun
Miami[ MIA ]
£GLAMIAFri, 25 Jan £361GLAMIATue, 12 Feb £GLAMIAFri, 1 Mar £401GLAMIAMon, 1 Apr £513GLAMIAThu, 23 May £413GLAMIAMon, 10 Jun
Tampa[ TPA ]
£512GLATPASun, 27 Jan £457GLATPATue, 12 Feb £GLATPAFri, 1 Mar £563GLATPAMon, 8 Apr £588GLATPASun, 26 May £506GLATPAWed, 12 Jun
Orlando[ SFB ]
£GLASFBFri, 25 Jan £GLASFBFri, 1 Feb £GLASFBFri, 1 Mar £GLASFBMon, 1 Apr £GLASFBWed, 1 May £GLASFBSat, 1 Jun
Fort Lauderdale[ FLL ]
£GLAFLLFri, 25 Jan £462GLAFLLTue, 12 Feb £GLAFLLFri, 1 Mar £GLAFLLMon, 1 Apr £GLAFLLWed, 1 May £504GLAFLLWed, 12 Jun
Key West[ EYW ]
£GLAEYWFri, 25 Jan £GLAEYWFri, 1 Feb £GLAEYWFri, 1 Mar £GLAEYWMon, 1 Apr £GLAEYWWed, 1 May £GLAEYWSat, 1 Jun
Sarasota[ SRQ ]
£GLASRQFri, 25 Jan £GLASRQFri, 1 Feb £GLASRQFri, 1 Mar £GLASRQMon, 1 Apr £GLASRQWed, 1 May £GLASRQSat, 1 Jun
Naples[ APF ]
£GLAAPFFri, 25 Jan £GLAAPFFri, 1 Feb £GLAAPFFri, 1 Mar £GLAAPFMon, 1 Apr £GLAAPFWed, 1 May £GLAAPFSat, 1 Jun
St. Petersburg[ PIE ]
£GLAPIEFri, 25 Jan £GLAPIEFri, 1 Feb £GLAPIEFri, 1 Mar £GLAPIEMon, 1 Apr £GLAPIEWed, 1 May £GLAPIESat, 1 Jun
Fort Myers[ RSW ]
£GLARSWFri, 25 Jan £GLARSWFri, 1 Feb £519GLARSWMon, 18 Mar £GLARSWMon, 1 Apr £GLARSWWed, 1 May £GLARSWSat, 1 Jun

Flying Between Glasgow and Florida

You can fly directly from Glasgow to the Sunshine State with several different airlines. Condor, Monarch and Thomson Flights all travel non-stop to Orlando Sanford, usually in around nine hours.

Alternatively, Virgin Atlantic also offer a direct service from Glasgow to Orlando International, which takes a similar amount of time but can be slightly pricier. To see which route is the best for you, check our flight search tool before booking.

There are also indirect flights from Scotland to Tampa International with airlines such as United and British Airways. These will typically take about 13 hours and involve one layover.

Alternative Airports

If none of the Glasgow routes suit your trip, then there are plenty of alternatives. Thomson Flights also fly direct to Orlando Sanford from Manchester, Gatwick and Edinburgh, among other airports. You could also fly direct from Gatwick to Tampa International with British Airways, if that's your desired destination.

Getting Cheap Flights to Florida

Flying to the USA from the UK is generally more expensive during the summer period between June and August, and being home to Disney World Resort (the world's most popular tourist resort), Florida is no exception.

If you plan to travel around the April-May period instead, you should avoid crowds, the rainy season and extortionate fares. What better way to enjoy a holiday?

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