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Orlando[ MCO ]
£305MANMCOTue, 29 Jan £329MANMCOWed, 13 Feb £321MANMCOTue, 12 Mar £378MANMCOTue, 30 Apr £379MANMCOWed, 1 May £350MANMCOWed, 12 Jun
Miami[ MIA ]
£346MANMIATue, 29 Jan £343MANMIASun, 17 Feb £314MANMIAMon, 4 Mar £476MANMIAThu, 11 Apr £331MANMIAFri, 10 May £379MANMIAWed, 12 Jun
Tampa[ TPA ]
£428MANTPASun, 27 Jan £439MANTPAMon, 4 Feb £MANTPAFri, 1 Mar £549MANTPAFri, 26 Apr £442MANTPATue, 7 May £478MANTPAWed, 12 Jun
Orlando[ SFB ]
£MANSFBFri, 25 Jan £MANSFBFri, 1 Feb £MANSFBFri, 1 Mar £MANSFBMon, 1 Apr £680MANSFBWed, 22 May £MANSFBSat, 1 Jun
Fort Lauderdale[ FLL ]
£MANFLLFri, 25 Jan £449MANFLLTue, 12 Feb £MANFLLFri, 1 Mar £MANFLLMon, 1 Apr £MANFLLWed, 1 May £501MANFLLMon, 3 Jun
Key West[ EYW ]
£MANEYWFri, 25 Jan £MANEYWFri, 1 Feb £MANEYWFri, 1 Mar £MANEYWMon, 1 Apr £MANEYWWed, 1 May £MANEYWSat, 1 Jun
Sarasota[ SRQ ]
£MANSRQFri, 25 Jan £MANSRQFri, 1 Feb £MANSRQFri, 1 Mar £MANSRQMon, 1 Apr £MANSRQWed, 1 May £MANSRQSat, 1 Jun
Naples[ APF ]
£MANAPFFri, 25 Jan £MANAPFFri, 1 Feb £MANAPFFri, 1 Mar £MANAPFMon, 1 Apr £MANAPFWed, 1 May £MANAPFSat, 1 Jun
St. Petersburg[ PIE ]
£MANPIEFri, 25 Jan £MANPIEFri, 1 Feb £MANPIEFri, 1 Mar £MANPIEMon, 1 Apr £MANPIEWed, 1 May £MANPIESat, 1 Jun
Fort Myers[ RSW ]
£MANRSWFri, 25 Jan £MANRSWFri, 1 Feb £MANRSWFri, 1 Mar £MANRSWMon, 1 Apr £506MANRSWTue, 7 May £MANRSWSat, 1 Jun

Flying Between Manchester and Florida

Direct flights run between Manchester and Orlando Sanford all year round. Virgin Atlantic, Monarch and Thomson Flights all run services which will usually take nine or 10 hours. You can also fly direct to Orlando International, just up the road, with Virgin Atlantic.

Flying direct into Orlando will leave you just a stone's throw from the Walt Disney World Resort, the world's single most popular resort and just a short drive up the coast from the Florida Quays. To find the best route and price for you, check out our flight search tool before booking.

Alternative Airports

If you can't find a Manchester route that suits your trip, then there are plenty of other options. Thomson Flights fly direct to Sanford from several UK airports including Birmingham, East Midlands and Newcastle, while British Airways fly to Tampa International from Gatwick.

Getting Cheap Flights to Florida

The most expensive times to travel to the USA from the UK are generally during the summer months, and with Disney World on its doorstep, Florida is no exception.

However, if you book your trip for the April-May period you will still have great warm weather, lower plane fares and you'll even avoid the worst of the rainy season. Proof that, if you plan ahead, Flying to the USA needn't break the bank.

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