Flying Between Birmingham and India

While there are no direct UK flights that connect Birmingham and India, there are plenty of indirect routes you can take that needn't break the bank. You can get to the commercial centre of Mumbai with just one changeover with KLM and Swiss, who stop off at Amsterdam and Munich respectively. The best rates though, are typically offered by Air France, who can have you in Mumbai within 12 hours, with just one change in Paris.

You can also catch similar services with airlines such as KLM and Lufthansa to both the capital, Delhi, and the 'Garden City' of Bangalore, which include plane changes in mainland Europe. There are plenty of different routes to choose from, so make sure that you use our flight search tool to find the one that fits your trip.

Alternative Airports

If none of the Birmingham services fit your schedule, or you simply don't want to have to change planes, there are direct flights from the UK to India. For example, Air India, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic all fly direct from Heathrow to both Mumbai and Delhi, while Monarch, flythomascook and Thomson Flights can take you directly to Goa from Manchester and Gatwick.

Getting Cheap Flights to India

While planning a holiday in India from the UK is never exactly going to be cheap, you can limit the damage to your wallet.

Research all direct fares between the UK and India (even if they are not to or from your desired locations) and see how cheap flights can possibly be. With train travel in India so cheap, catching the cheapest flight, then completing your journey by rail can save you plenty. Just don't expect a short trip.

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