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Mumbai[ BOM ]
£376LHRBOMSat, 30 Jun £327LHRBOMTue, 3 Jul £339LHRBOMWed, 29 Aug £349LHRBOMMon, 10 Sep £349LHRBOMTue, 2 Oct £352LHRBOMSun, 11 Nov
Delhi[ DEL ]
£366LHRDELMon, 25 Jun £433LHRDELMon, 9 Jul £321LHRDELWed, 15 Aug £341LHRDELSun, 9 Sep £322LHRDELWed, 17 Oct £360LHRDELFri, 9 Nov
Amritsar[ ATQ ]
£588LHRATQMon, 25 Jun £604LHRATQTue, 10 Jul £670LHRATQMon, 20 Aug £404LHRATQThu, 6 Sep £446LGWATQFri, 26 Oct £398LHRATQMon, 5 Nov
Ahmedabad[ AMD ]
£468LHRAMDMon, 25 Jun £426LHRAMDMon, 16 Jul £397LHRAMDWed, 29 Aug £566LHRAMDSun, 2 Sep £585LHRAMDTue, 2 Oct £384LHRAMDThu, 1 Nov
Goa[ GOI ]
£421LGWGOITue, 26 Jun £497LHRGOISun, 8 Jul £586LHRGOITue, 14 Aug £445LHRGOISun, 2 Sep £461LHRGOIWed, 24 Oct £406LHRGOIMon, 19 Nov
Hyderabad[ HYD ]
£430LHRHYDSun, 24 Jun £471LHRHYDSun, 8 Jul £429LHRHYDThu, 16 Aug £LONHYD £409LHRHYDThu, 18 Oct £LONHYD
Bangalore[ BLR ]
£472LHRBLRWed, 27 Jun £664LHRBLRTue, 17 Jul £895LHRBLRWed, 8 Aug £LONBLR £442LHRBLRTue, 2 Oct £LONBLR
Thiruvananthapuram[ TRV ]
£543LHRTRVSat, 23 Jun £489LHRTRVWed, 4 Jul £599LHRTRVTue, 21 Aug £LONTRV £446LHRTRVTue, 2 Oct £427LHRTRVTue, 13 Nov
Calcutta[ CCU ]
£573LHRCCUSat, 23 Jun £635LHRCCUTue, 31 Jul £LONCCU £LONCCU £440LHRCCUTue, 2 Oct £LONCCU
Chennai[ MAA ]
£473LHRMAAMon, 25 Jun £437LHRMAAMon, 16 Jul £373LHRMAAThu, 30 Aug £372LHRMAAFri, 14 Sep £347LHRMAATue, 2 Oct £362LHRMAASat, 24 Nov

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