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There is something magical about the islands of New Zealand - and it's not just because they stood in for the fantasy lands in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films! It's a place where adrenaline junkies, nature lovers and culture hounds can come together so holidays in New Zealand are great for all types of holidaymakers.

You can do anything from snowboarding to sunbathing, surfing to sailing and hiking to wandering around museums in New Zealand. If you want to combine your adventures after a flight to New Zealand from the UK, then get behind the wheel of a hire car for driving holiday. The roads are quiet and the scenery is fantastic!

Flights to New Zealand

At the very least, your travelling time for flights to New Zealand will be close to 24 hours. This may sound daunting, but with good preparation it needn't be! When you're booking your New Zealand flight you'll have to contend with the tricky business of stopovers - how many, where and for how long. Most flights to New Zealand from the UK stop in either Los Angeles or an Asian airport like Hong Kong or Singapore.

It's important to check your itinerary carefully as cheap flights to New Zealand can be available with only one short stopover, although they are also often available with longer stopovers or even two stops along the way. Make sure you get all the facts by using our simple search, so you can make the trade off between cost, savings and travel time.

Most flights to New Zealand arrive into Auckland and Christchurch, which are the busiest airports, with flights to Wellington, Queenstown and Dunedin also popular. It's best to look for flights to the most popular New Zealand airports if you're on a budget as these routes are most likely to be discounted.

With the country divided between two main islands, internal New Zealand flights are one of the main ways of getting around, and the prices are relatively cheap. Hopping on an internal flight from one New Zealand destination to another is also the quickest way to travel, so you can get the most out of your holiday. The main alternatives are buses, which operate around and between the major cities, and car hire. There is a ferry that runs between North Island and South Island so it's easy to take your car between the two.

What to do in New Zealand

Cheap flights to this beautiful country give you access to some astonishing wide open spaces, so take advantage and make like a New Zealander - start living life outside! This could be anything from a bungee jump on South Island at Skippers Canyon, or your first ever go at jetboating in Queenstown. The whole country can be one big adrenaline-fuelled experience if that's what you want! If you'd rather something a little more sedate, seek out the beauty of Auckland's North Shore and the stunning beaches on North Island. New Zealand is almost made for a driving holiday so get yourself some cheap car hire and go get 'em!

When to go to New Zealand

New Zealand is very firmly located in the Southern Hemisphere, which means that is has opposite seasons to us here in the UK. To get the best chance of bagging yourself a great deal on a cheap flight to New Zealand, head over in our summer to visit for their winter! Watch out for school holiday dates though, as this always inflates prices. You will find that the weather in the north is still fairly mild, although in the southern parts it will get significantly colder. As an added bonus, this can also be snow-sport season so why not head up to the mountains for a couple of days and hire some equipment!

If you're after a flight to New Zealand for a laid-back holiday on North Island that revolves around the stunning beaches, then November, January and February are your best bet. But if you're an adrenaline type after winter sports on South Island then June or September will offer the best compromise between great powder and cheaper flights.

Why not look got a tour or package holidays to make the most of all the amazing experiences that New Zealand has to offer? You could also look out for festivals and events to just add something a little extra to your 2017 or 2018 New Zealand extravaganza - these often revolve around sports or food.