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The kingdom of Swaziland is one of the smallest countries in Africa and is surrounded almost entirely by South Africa, except for its eastern border with Mozambique. Mbabane is the largest city and capital of Swaziland. The Mbabane hotels are surprisingly modern and offer excellent facilities to visitors.

Flights To Swaziland

A flight to Swaziland from London takes, on average, 15 hours. The main airport in the country has long been Matsapha International Airport and is often referred to as Manzini. However, Sikhuphe International Airport is soon to become the most important travel hub. At present all flights from the UK have to stopover in South Africa or Mozambique. This does mean though that there are cheap flights to Swaziland to be had from the main carriers. Swaziland flights are the best way to reach the country although there are several routes overland.

Getting Around Swaziland

You need to rent a car in Swaziland. You can find car rental in Mbabane or at the airport. There are buses which run infrequently and minibus taxis which do not travel very far. The bigger towns may have a private taxi service but this cannot be relied upon. There are fairly frequent bus services which go to South Africa or Mozambique but they do not necessarily make any stop offs.There are several small unpaved airports for internal Swaziland flights.

What To See In Swaziland

Hlane Royal National Park and Mkhaya Game Reserve have all the big game and are just two of the places where unspoilt Africa and endangered species can be found. Ezulwini and the Malkerns Valley are the Royal heartland and home to some of the country's most talented artisans.

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