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  • 1 It's cheapest to fly direct and there are flights from Glasgow, Gatwick, Manchester, Heathrow, Birmingham and Edinburgh.
  • 2 The lowest prices don't tend to change much throughout the year, so make sure you book ahead and you will be the one who snags a great value flight.
  • 3 If you do end up with an indirect flight be sure to check how long your stopovers are - and remember a stop in the US can be time consuming.

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Cheapest Flight Deals to Toronto by Month

Put simply; Toronto is a place that doesn't make you choose. You can have a little bit of everything - it's green yet urban, friendly yet with a bit of an edge; there's a scene here that brims over with creativity, warmth and an appreciation for good things in life. Monolithic skyscrapers are interspersed with huge parks and natural spaces - it's a city that aims to please - and please it does.

Weather certainly plays a part in the delightfully schizophrenic attitude that permeates this Canadian city. The dramatic shifts in climate - from ice cold winters and surprisingly chilly springs to sultry, beers-on-the-patio hot in summer, it doesn't do things by halves. Luckily there's a plethora of galleries, cosy cafes and restaurants to while away the coldest months - and in summer, the roaming hugeness of the Greater Toronto Area beckons with his leafy ravines populated by raccoons, eagles and glorious Lake Ontario

Direct Flights to Toronto

A direct flight to Toronto from London averages around eight hours, and there is a good selection of Airlines offering direct flights there. They include our very own British Airways, Germany's Lufthansa, and of course Canada's Air Transat and Air Canada, which offer competitive prices.

The cheapest time to fly direct to Toronto is in January, when temperatures tend to drop. Conversely, the most expensive time to fly is in July, when temperatures average around 21°C. It's well worth doing your research in advance if you want to find the cheapest flights to one of Canada's most diverse cities.

Direct flights depart from London Heathrow and Gatwick and can often work out cheaper than indirect routes. And they will save you time that you could spend visiting any of the countless attractions that draw in tourists by the dozen.

Travel to Toronto

The Toronto Pearson International Airport is serviced by a range of carriers from various airports across the UK and is roughly 40 minutes' drive from the centre of town.

On arrival in Toronto

A number of coach companies run services from the airport into the downtown as well as suburban areas of Toronto. These include TTC, Go Transit and Pacific Western Airport Express. Taxis are also available from the airport, charging a flat rate of $40. You can also pick up Toronto car hire from the airport, which is useful if you're planning on exploring further afield.

Getting around Toronto

Toronto has an extensive public transport network. It is one of the only cities in Northern America to keep its Streetcar network running. However, retro charm aside, streetcars are a fairly slow and unreliable way to get around and often run behind schedule. Fortunately, there is an excellent subway system which consists of four lines servicing both the downtown area and the suburbs. A single journey costs $3.00

Travelling further afield

Toronto City Airport runs short haul flights to a number of cities in eastern Canada and the north-east of the United States. These include Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City in Canada and Boston, Chicago and New York City in the USA. The Toronto Coach Terminal is serviced by a number of different coach operators offering services to New York, Ottawa, Chicago, Detroit, Montreal, Buffalo and Philadelphia.

Travellers to Toronto would be well advised to check weather forecasts before booking. Winters are bitterly cold with January temperatures rarely struggling above zero. These icy temperatures are compounded by frosty winds blowing across Lake Ontario which turn Toronto's boulevards into Arctic wind tunnels.

Midsummer temperatures, by contrast hover around a humid 26°C. These temperatures can become somewhat stifling in the centre of town and visitors might want to consider travelling in the spring instead. The weather is usually pleasant and mild and you won't experience the same horrific queues for top attractions like the Niagara Falls and CN Tower.

What to do in Toronto

  • The CN Tower: Though it's been around for a mere 30 years, the CN Tower definitely warrants icon status. It functions as a radio and TV tower but it attracts plenty of tourists because of its amazing views - you could even hang off the side of it on a rope recently! Scary.
  • St Lawrence Market: Old York's incredible St Lawrence Market has been a neighbourhood meeting place for over two centuries - here you'll find over 50 speciality food stall housed in the dramatic and glorious cavern of an enormous, decorated building. From fishmongers, to butchers and bakers and yep, probably a candlestick maker, you'll find it here!
  • The Distillery District: The slick and creative Distillery District is packed to the rafters with airy galleries, artists studios, design shops, coffeehouses, restaurants and the Young Centre for Performing Arts, plus the Mill Street Brewery - all housed in cavernous Victorian warehouses that were once the British Empire's largest distillery!
CN Tower, Toronto

The city skyline and the CN Tower from Central Island

Toronto University

Toronto University was the country's first

City Hall, Toronto

The modern City Hall sits in Downtown Toronto and is one of the most distinctive landmarks in the city


Downtown waterfront

Old City Hall, Toronto

Old City Hall is Gothic in style and it boasts a huge clock tower

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