Quick Guide to Agadir

Not to be confused with unequivocally dreadful 80's classic 'Agadoo', the Moroccan city of Agadir is made of much more palatable stuff. The busy port town hugs the side of the captivating Atlas Mountain, lapped by a sprawling sea front and framed by a mysterious Kasbah fortress. It's also a veritable hotbed of spices, beach life and very reasonable prices making it more than easy to find cheap holidays to Agadir. Tasty!

Now, we've got to be honest with you here - Agadir isn't the place to head if you're after an authentic taste of proper Moroccan culture. If you're looking for the Morocco of Bergman and Bogart, a Casablanca style labyrinth of snake charmers and smoky African mystery, you'd be best to head to Marrakech or, well, Casablanca. Agadir certainly has its charms, but it's most comfortable companion is probably the cheap 'n cheerful package holiday - cheap Agadir holidays are plentiful. This certainly makes it a great spot for a last minute getaway to the sun in 2017/2018 though!

Fab holidays for:

Sandy beaches, Year round sun, Cheap last minute getaways


Agadir Al Massira Airport

Did you know?

Traditionally the liver, not the heart, is considered to be the symbol of love in Morocco.

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Top 5 Things Off the Beach in Agadir


Swinging south of the glossy white marina, Agadir's sandy beach is more sheltered than many other stretches of the Atlantic, offering clean waters, safe swimming and 300 sunny days a year. Far be it from us to criticise those kind of sunshine stats - which are great for winter sun on the cheap. There are things to do off the beach, however.

Any keen golfer will want to have a swing at the three world-class golf courses in Agadir. The Golf Du Soleil has hosted the Moroccan Open every year.
Fish market
For incredibly fresh seafood tourists and locals alike flock to the Agadir fish market. After a seafood auction, tuck into tasty barbecued fish or go to a nearby cafe or restaurant for a sit-down meal.
Souss Massa National Park
Souss Massa National Park is home to over 100 species of birds and with the park's coastline made up of wide, golden beaches the views aren't bad either.
Valle de Oiseaux
Morocco isn't a place you'd necessarily associate with wallabies and monkeys but nevertheless, there they are in the Valle de Oiseaux in Agadir's town centre. It's also home to gazelles and llamas. If you're an animal lover, you'll enjoy feeding them.
Agadir's medieval hilltop fortress, Kabah, dates back to 1540 but it's not just the history that attracts visitors. Stroll along the fortress' rampart - the city vistas will astound.

How to get to Agadir

You can get direct cheap flights to Al Massia Airport for reasonable prices from most major UK airports. Flying time from the UK is about five and a half hours. From the airport it's about 25km to the city centre, so you can get in the driver's seat by renting a car (also great if you fancy travelling a bit further afield!).

Where to stay in Agadir

Here's where Agadir deals win over its other Moroccan competitors - accommodation is much cheaper. You'll find many of the best cheap hotels and resorts by the beach south of the centre. Nouveau Talborjt, on the northeast side of the town, is also packed with some great budget hotels and restaurants. You can choose your board basis as well from bed and breakfast to all inclusive board being available.