Quick Guide to Belgium

Rich with history, full of modern art galleries and theatres and delicious indigenous cuisine, Belgium is the perfect destination for a long or short holiday. There's fairytale buildings to be discovered in Bruges, top-class partying in the capital, Brussels and lets not forget the lush diamonds in Antwerp.

Fab holidays for:

Quaint city breaks, Culture vultures, Foodies

Main Airports:

Brussels is the main airport but there are also flights to Antwerp and Liege.

Did you know?

Belgium produces 220,000 tons of chocolate a year. That is about 22kg of chocolate per person. Yummy!

Other Destinations in Belgium

Top Attractions in Belgium


If you are taking a holiday in Brussels, you will be surrounded by iconic attractions all across the city. You can take guided tours of the European Union headquarters, including the European Parliament and the European Commission. The northern city of Bruges is one of the most picturesque in Europe, with its Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, while the Ardennes region is a nature lover's delight, with its lush forests and countryside. As one of the beer capitals of the world, you can visit the famous beer-halls and bars all over Belgium, so you will find whatever you fancy.

Manneken Pis statue, Brussels
You wouldn't normally call a statue of a boy peeing into a fountain art, but there is so much folklore to this piece he's become a favourite of Brussels.
Royal Palace. Brussels
Visit the timeless building and wander the corridors and rooms admiring the invaluable art collections and decorations.
Le Carnaval de Binche
The UNESCO-listed carnival in Binche takes place each year during Sunday, Monday and Tuesday preceding Ash Wednesday.
Plantin-Moretus Museum, Antwerp
The museum is located at the former residence of Christophe Plantin and Jan Moretus and honours their paintings.
Belfry of Bruges
Built during the 13th century, today it is one of the most famous landmarks in Bruges and is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. The building is over 262 feet high.

Our Tips for Belgium Holidays

During your holiday in Belgium, you should definitely take the time to visit the First World War battlefields of Flanders and Ypres. To enjoy Belgium's famous beers to the fullest, go on a Brussels beer tour, which will take you around some of the finest breweries in the city and allow you to sample a tipple or two. If you plan to travel around the country and visit cities such as Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent, a Benelux Rail Pass could be worth investing in. To save on flights to Brussels, or wherever you decide to start your holiday in Belgium, make sure you book well in advance for the best possible rates.

How to Get to Belgium

There are plenty of cheap flights and last minute holidays to Belgium. Flights will take just under two hours and you will most likely land at Brussels Airport which is located in surrounding Flanders. You can jump on a train which takes about 25 minutes to get to the centre of Brussels. There's also the option of car hire if you want to explore more than just the capital.

Flights also land at Antwerp and Liege airport, although these are not as frequent as flights to Brussels. It's also possible to fly to neighbouring countries such as Amsterdam, where you can get a direct rail link into Brussels. This is a nice way to see multiple countries. It's also possible to take the Eurostar into Belgium if you want a more scenic route.