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Here at dealchecker, we love a city break. Not only do they help us maximise our holiday leave (hello, long weekends!), but they often give us a taster of a city for the fraction of a price of a longer holiday. City breaks are often shorter than other holidays, meaning you probably don't want to spend all your time searching for a bargain short break. That's where we come in! Why not use the dealchecker search tool above to quickly compare city break prices from some of the biggest names in travel? If you want to travel for a little longer we offer the same search tool on our cheap holidays page.

City breaks can be separated into many different categories. European city breaks are popular, and eastern European city breaks are brilliant value if you're on a budget. dealchecker can suggest some of the best destinations easy to appreciate in just a few days or over just a weekend. We can even help you if you're looking for a spa break, romantic city breaks or long-haul breaks to far flung cities like Tokyo or Hong Kong.

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Planning Your Trip

One of the most important things to decide on before you plan your city break is where you want to go. City breaks don't last forever, so you need to prioritise what you want to see and do. Maximise your time by researching hotels close to the places you want to see - less travel time means you get to explore and enjoy the city more.

It's also worth planning ahead to ensure you have the best holiday possible. Avoid peak seasons for the cheapest prices and to miss out on the crowds, or book well in advance if you fancy soaking up the vibes along with all the other tourists having the time of their life!

Whether you want to be close to the local parks and tourist attractions, no matter the price, save money by being slightly further out from the centre of the city, or maximise your budget by positioning yourself near shops or restaurants, you need to figure out what hotels place you where you want to be.

Top City Break Destinations


Famous for its canals, stunning 17th-century architecture, and stellar art history, Amsterdam is nice and close to the UK, making it a highly desirable city break destination. Hire a bike and explore the waterways that weave through the city, before heading to famous attractions like the Anne Frank house, and the Van Gogh and Rembrandt Museums. But it's not all about the history in Amsterdam. The Stedelijk Museum houses a spectacular modern art collection, while the city's famous coffee houses are nothing to sniff at.

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Though it's only a couple of hours from the UK, Barcelona is like a whole other world. Its colourful streets, vibrant Spanish culture and heaving food scene all combine to make for one of the most fascinating cities in Europe. Visitors love exploring the ways in which Gaudi made his mark on the city - Sagrada Familia and Park Guell are two of the most famous. Take a stroll down La Rambla and take in the street performers, before seeking out a tapas bar for some old-fashioned Spanish good times.

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Beethoven, Mozart and Schubert, among many other famed musical names, all called Vienna home in the past, earning it the moniker 'City of Music'. But it's not just its musical residents that make Vienna so exciting. Foods like schnitzel, goulash and torte might be served around the world, but there's something about eating in one of the city's cosy wood-panelled beisln (bistros) or grand coffee houses that makes the food taste all the better. Stocked with more than its fair share of imperial architecture, as well as plenty of historical sites and museums, it's a country that seamlessly melds the old and the new.

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Beautiful Budapest is fast becoming a must-visit city break destination - and for good reason. It has history to rival that of any city in Europe, a thriving food scene and remarkable architecture spanning centuries of influence and rule. Visiting one of the city's bathhouses is a must to both immerse yourself in the city's famous geothermal waters, and its ancient culture. Budapest is brimming with incredible architecture, from its imposing parliament to the castle district. Be sure to visit one of the city's ruin pubs as well - buildings that have been abandoned or war-damaged and turned into drinking dens.

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Our City Breaks

Romantic City Breaks

Escape your everyday life for a romantic city break. Europe is dotted with cities that offer candlelit restaurants, cobblestoned streets lined with historic buildings, and beautiful parks setting the stage for a love-laced getaway. Paris is of course renowned as the most romantic city in the world. But there are plenty of other cities with more than enough love to go around - Prague, Edinburgh and Florence all offer the winning combination of history-filled streets, stunning scenery and plenty of nooks and crannies for romantic interludes. Further afield, the mysterious elegance of Tokyo, beaches of Sydney and gorgeous vistas of Honolulu all scream 'romance' to us!

European City Breaks

For one continent, Europe sure has a lot of incredible cities to visit! History buffs need to get to Rome for its layers of history on display, as well as Athens to experience where the beginnings of democracy took place. Of course, every traveller worth their salt needs to visit the most famous cities in Europe - Paris, Amsterdam, London - which are famous for a reason. After a more exotic experience? Granada in Spain, Lisbon in Portugal and Dubrovnik in Croatia offer unique city breaks not far from home.

Eastern European City Breaks

Over the past several years, Eastern Europe has opened itself up to the outside world. Offering great deals for bargain-hunting tourists, Eastern European cities offer all the history, culture and food of Western Europe, but without the mind-blowing price tag. Prague and Budapest have been on bucket lists for an age, and beautiful, history-steeped cities like Sofia, Warsaw and Bucharest are quickly gaining momentum. Go still more off-the-beaten track in the Latvian capital of Riga and Lithuania's Vilnius.

Planning Your City Break

Planning is key when it comes to jetting off on a city break. The earlier you book your holiday, the cheaper it is likely to be. You can use any money you save on food and attractions once you arrive! Use our search tools to compare prices on different dates, or even sign up to our Real Deals newsletter for weekly city break inspiration! Take the stress out of trying to get around with car hire at your chosen destination - it'll save you time, and hours spent lost on public transport. Here at dealchecker, any city break must involve plenty of food and sightseeing - preferably with time out for a little bit of rest and relaxation as well!

In your planning, be sure to discover what the top attractions are in the city you're visiting. We all know that the Empire State Building is a must-see when in New York, and you'd be mad to miss the Eiffel Tower in Paris. But it can be a little more difficult to know where to visit in, say, Prague (the Astronomical Clock is a good start) or Singapore (may we recommend the Cloud Garden?). It's also worth investigating what locals foods you should be sampling, and finding out where the good restaurants are so you can avoid tourist traps. A little research before you jet off is all it takes for an idyllic short break in a bustling city!

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