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A fascinating South American gem, Colombia is a fantastic location for any adventurous traveller and it offers something for everyone. Come and see for yourself what makes Colombia just so special.

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Our Top Tips for Colombia Holidays

Many people around the world associate Colombia with having a drug problem, and the locals are well-aware of this stereotype. To be on the safe side, avoid bringing up this subject with Colombians, as many of the country's citizens find this offensive. By the same token, as with all cities, a holiday in Bogota and the like are not without their unsavoury characters, but if you show some common sense, don't frequent certain areas after dark or talk to anyone you don't know who approaches you, you have nothing to worry about.

What to Do in Colombia

If you are staying in the capital, then a short walk from the city centre hotels in Bogota lies the picturesque old town district of Candelaria which features stunning 18th and 19th Century architecture. The area also houses the Cultural History Museum and the Gold Museum, which give you a great insight into the country's rich recent history. Away from the capital, the seaside resort of Cartagena is a hugely popular tourist destination thanks to its stunning sands and colonial architecture, whilst a trip to Santa Marta can see you on the beach one day, and the next at the foot of a snowy mountain! Known as the salsa capital of South America, Cali's nightlife is buzzing!