Quick Guide to Faliraki

Despite the reputation for raucous revelry, Faliraki holidays are not the full-on party events that you might assume, as beautiful beaches, the strong influence of local culture and a maturing clientele can make it as relaxing or rambunctious as you would like.

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How To Get To Faliraki

Holidays in Faliraki usually begin with a flight to Rhodes island. The route between Rhodes International Airport and Faliraki is straightforward enough and should only take you around 25 minutes by car or coach. Car rental in Rhodes is an option because this will let you do a little travelling around the island and makes visiting the sites not immediately linked with the resort much easier.

What To Do In Faliraki

Europe's largest water park, appropriately named Water Park, is in Faliraki, allowing the whole family to indulge in splashy, wet fun. Meanwhile the Lunar Park is another family must-see, providing entertainment and rides that are great for kids and adults alike. The clubbing scene in Faliraki may not be as hectic as it once was, but bars, clubs and pub-style venues are still popular and thriving in the resort, whilst the local restaurants serve seafood and quick snacks throughout the day and night to provide sustenance during holidays in Faliraki.

Where To Stay In Faliraki

You can choose from three main types of accommodation during Faliraki holidays, hotels, apartments and studios. Hotels come in a number of price ranges and you can find all inclusive options that will help those seeking cheap holidays to Faliraki. Meanwhile apartments and studios for couples, groups and families who want to escape from the resort lifestyle whilst still enjoying the delights of Faliraki are a good option.