Quick Guide to India

To experience a different kind of culture and an entirely contrasting way of life, many travellers take holidays to India. Rich in history and culture, India holidays in 2018 can provide a unique and exotic experience for all kinds of people.

There's just something about the ever-persistent hum of energy in India. The whir of engines, the throng of people milling through life, carrying bright-coloured baskets on their shoulders, children in hand or trying to sell souvenirs to the nearest passer-by. From the the Golden Triangle to the bazaars of Kolkata, the rich tapestry of history, art and religion weaves itself into an array of fascinating moments in time, capturing your attention.

Red-brick mud, fragrant curries and the hot swill of dirt and heat permeate the air. You can push your way through city life, elbows jutted, shoulders out, and then suddenly find yourself broken free from the crowds, in a small enclave, with just a trickling fountain and a few tweeting birds as company.

Lush vegetation lies beside sandy roads and scaffolding of new buildings stand by derelict houses. Monkeys greet you, strangers feed you and every once in a while, you find yourself stopping amongst fast-moving cars, humans, animals and the like and realise this: the cacophony is irresistible.

Fab holidays for:

Delicious food, Famous sights, Stunning scenery


Indira Gandhi (Delhi), Chhatrapati Shivaji (Mumbai), Kempegowda (Bangalore) & Chennai International Airport

Did you know?

Snakes & Ladders originated in India - it was originally meant to be a game with a moral lesson about karma. And then we realised how great it was and has since become a famous board game around the world.

Other Destinations in India

Top 5 Reasons to Visit India


The opportunities in India are almost limitless and the reasons to visit are endless.

The Taj Mahal
Although an obvious addition to the list, there's a reason it's so praised. A seventh wonder of the world is not to be missed.
Creamy, fragrant curries personify the region but they're like nothing you've ever tasted. From masala dosas and fish coconut curries to steaming places of the best vegetarian food you've tried, India is a place to eat.
History & architecture
Forts, mosques, temples, monuments and ancient ruins, there 32 UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites across the nation. You'll definitely have your hands full.
Stunning scenery
Beautiful beaches to the south in Goa, snow-capped mountains in the north, Bengal tigers and Indian elephants in the wild and the buzzing cities across the country all create a techni-coloured world just calling out to be explored.
Ganges River
From the northern Himalayas all the way to the Bay of Bengal, this 2,525 kilometre river has stolen the hearts of locals and tourists alike. It's believed that dipping yourself into the waters purifies the soul.

How To Get To India

India is best reached by air, with the largest airports to be found in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. These main locations are placed so you can explore India to its full potential. Dabolim Airport can also be reached from these for any travellers taking any of the popular cheap holidays to Goa. When travelling from the United Kingdom, direct India flights take an average of eight to 11 hours.

Where To Stay In India

With such a beautiful vast country and a wealth of attractions to choose from, both cultural and religious, visitors to India are spoilt for choice. From the very top end of luxury five star hotels to hostels and smaller establishments for the backpacker or independent tourist, the country has a massive choice. For those seeking cheap holidays in India, there are quality budget hotels to choose from as well.