Quick Guide to Kyrenia

Kyrenia is spread along the coast of Northern Cyprus, with its origins in the shipping industry and its streets filled with historic sites and a vibrant, engaging atmosphere. Kyrenia is something of a quiet and undiscovered delight in the Mediterranean; it's not featured with many major UK holiday companies. Instead there are a number of specialist operators who provide Kyrenia holidays to the UK public. Here at dealchecker.co.uk we have found these holiday providers provide excellent value and some very enticing holiday deals, including last minute bargains - have a look at Kyrenia for 2017!

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Ercan International Airport

Did you know?

The Kyrenia Mountain Trail is 143 miles long at an average of about 2,250 feet. It takes about ten days to walk if you're up for the challenge!

Top 5 Things to Do in Kyrenia


Cyprus' little northern town of Kyrenia isn't short of beautiful sights to see.

Saint Hilarion Castle
Head up into the mountains to visit Saint Hilarion Castle for some truly breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain ranges.
Bellapais Monastery
Just five miles outside of Kyrenia sits the 13th century Bellapis Monastery. Walk around the peaceful grounds and enjoy exploring in the sunshine. Better yet, plan a trip during the summer when it's host to concerts and musical performances!
Kyrenia Harbour
Tuck into dishes of fresh fish and even fresher vegetables alongside the scenic Kyrenia Harbour. Afterwards, take a stroll and wander around the shops while taking in the view.
Alagadi Turtle Beach
This beach is the longest in the whole of Cyprus but that's the only reason it's beloved with locals and tourists alike. Watching the resident turtles nesting during May and August is something you can't miss.
Kyrenia City Tour
Book a city tour and learn all about every nook and cranny of Kyrenia's hidden histories.

How To Get To Kyrenia

The nearest airport to Kyrenia is Ercan Airport, so it's a popular arrival point for a holiday in Northern Cyprus. The alternative offered by a lot of holiday packages is to fly to airports in Cyprus just across the border. Check your individual flights with the holiday provider at time of booking. Ercan airport is just a 35 kilometre drive from Kyrenia itself, so transfers via taxi or coach are very easy to secure, alternatively you could look into hiring a car from Ercan Airport.

Most arrivals to Northern Cyprus come by plane, but you can also head over by ferry if you are coming from Turkey or the other nearby mainland countries.

What To Do In Kyrenia

To find out a little bit about the history of Kyrenia it is worth vising the Kyrenia Castle and Shipwreck Museum which is positioned right next to the waterfront. Within it are some daunting dungeons from times gone by, as well as the remains of a ship which was wrecked over five millennia ago. The ancient castle of St Hilarion is another must-see for historians. Although we think with the unspoilt Mediterranean atmosphere of the city and its authentic shops and restaurants you may not have a lot of spare time during your holiday in Kyrenia. If this sounds too much then just relax by the pool and enjoy the warm weather.

Where To Stay In Kyrenia

It is easy to find cheap holidays to Kyrenia if you rent self-catering accommodation; holiday villas and apartments have blossomed around Kyrenia. Alternatively there are several high end hotels located both in the centre and on the outskirts of the town. Some are positioned right next to the beach for those who want to lounge in the sun, whilst others will offer better access to the quaint city centre. You'll find most hotels offer holidays on a half board basis (some offer free upgrades to this board type) and all inclusive is starting to grow in popularity.