Quick Guide to Lebanon

Lebanon is a beautiful, fascinating country on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea. From its bustling capital Beirut to its southern coastal cities, there's a wealth to experience during a break in this Middle Eastern gem.

Advice on Travel in Lebanon

It is worth bearing in mind that Lebanon is a country of many different religions and sects, so it is advisable to dress conservatively when strolling out in public, particularly if you are visiting one of its many beautiful mosques and churches! Look into visa requirements before you jet off on your holiday to Lebanon and book things like hotels in Beirut and other destinations around the country in advance to get the best rates. When it comes to food, make sure you try a Lebanese barbeque - shish tawouk (BBQ chicken) is a cheap yet very tasty snack that's available throughout the country!

How to Get to Lebanon

British Airways and Middle East Airlines run direct flights to Beirut from London Heathrow, and there are numerous indirect services from airports up and down the country. Whichever route you take, ensure that you book your travel as early as possible; as the price of flights will only increase the longer you leave it. Once you touch down at Beirut International Airport, you can get a taxi to the city centre if that's your final destination, or if you plan to head elsewhere such as Tyre in the south, you can take a bus. The country is pretty small and it's possible to drive from north to south in under three hours.