Quick Guide to Malta

At the crossroads of Europe and North Africa, Malta is a truly unique island nation. The Maltese islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino offer world class diving, a wealth of history and an abundance of sunshine - not bad for a small archipelago surrounded by the sparkling Mediterranean. With pleasant temperatures year-round, Malta also makes for a stunning holiday destination, whether you're visiting in spring, summer, winter or autumn. Plus, its position at the crossroads of African, Italian and greater continental European cuisine has been harnesses into its own unique cuisine, making it a tasty foodie destination.

If you're looking for a traditional seaside resort holiday check out the great value deals to St Paul's Bay, Sliema and St Julians, which is renowned for its buzzing nightlife. The entire capital, Valletta, has been granted UNESCO World Heritage status, and is a fantastic city break destination, while the old capital, Mdina is a stunning medieval Old Town set in the centre of the island.

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Did you know?

There are quite a few WWII shipwrecks along the coastline. Diving, anyone?

Other Destinations in Malta

Top 5 Things to See in Malta


From the beaches and history to the sun and sea, there are plenty of reasons to book a Malta holiday.

Visiting the walled city of Valletta is a must-do. Its fame is growing thanks to its UNESCO World Heritage status, and its easy distance from the UK means it's a great city break option.
St Julians
St Julians not only boasts some of the best beaches on the island, but is also its nightlife centre. Head to Paceville for some of the best nightclubs in the Mediterranean!
Hagar Qim temple
You can also visit the temple complex of Hagar Qim, dating back as far as 3000 BC!
Gozo and Comino
Malta also has two smaller islands - Gozo and Comino - which are great for day trips, or to stay on if you're after a holiday featuring the quiet life. Gozo boasts some stunning scenery, and Comino is where you will find the Blue Lagoon.
A spectacular fortress town, Mdina is filled with stunning architecture, ancient churches and incredible views of the countryside. Go at night to escape the tourist crowds. It's known for its fantastic array of restaurants so save some time for dinner.

Food and Drink in Malta

The favourite part of many visitors' holidays to Malta is its food and drink culture. Heavily influenced by its Mediterranean location, it tastily fuses Italian and Arabic inspiration with its own local flavours. One of the most famous foods to come out of Malta is its pastizzi - pastry parcels filled with ricotta or mushy peas. Malta's national dish is stuffat tal-fenek - a slow-cooked rabbit stew with tomato, red wine and garlic sauce. A similar Italian influence can be seen in timpana (a baked macaroni pie), and cassata, a marzipan, almond paste and ricotta cake - all originating from Sicily.

Make the most of Malta's cuisine by going straight to the source. Taste the wares at Sam Cremona's Olive Estate, where you'll meet an olive oil sommelier, or make your way to Diar Il-Bniet, a family-run estate with vineyards, olive groves and orchards. Crystal Palace in Rabat churns out delicious pastizzi - but you're bound to find moreish versions of these morsels wherever you go on the island.

Speaking of wine, Malta holds its own when it comes to a great drop. Producing both red and white international varieties, Malta also has its own grapes, Gellewza and Ghirghentina, that have a distinctive flavour. Go for a tasting at San Niklaw Estate or Mena Winery, or enjoy an old-school wine experience at Cent Anni, a wine bar and restaurant that opened at the end of the 19th century.

Cultural Things to See in Malta

Built up over thousands of years, and unique thanks to its location at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and Africa, Malta's culture is imbued with something truly unique. Check out the gilded glamour of St John's Co-Cathedral in Valletta, built by the Order of St John in the 16th century, for one of the most incredible - and gold! - churches in Europe. Head to the War Museum at Fort St. Elmo, where you can explore the history of Malta's warfare, and enjoy military parades every Sunday!

The St. James Centre for Creativity is a fortification-turned-gallery, where contemporary art is displayed upon the rough stone walls. Art fiends should also head to the Museum of Fine Arts for art dating from the Renaissance until the present day. If it's opera you're after, Victoria in Gozo is your best bet, with two opera theatres. And we haven't even got started on the numerous music and arts festivals held through the year. Head here for some of Malta's best cultural destinations (and where to eat nearby!).

When to go to Malta

Malta is a year-round holiday destination but as with many Mediterranean destinations, you will find the peak tourist season is in the summer. Certainly if you are after sunbathing the holiday away, you will want to stick to these months - so book early for a bargain or test your nerve and hold on for a last minute holiday and flight deals.

Combine sightseeing and sun-soaking in April, May, June and September, but be prepared for things to close up through the off season from November to March. Head to the Maltese capital of Valletta instead during this time of year. Look out for the Malta Marathon, the Malta Fireworks Festival and the Carnival to really put something fun into your holiday - although you can't expect prices to be as cheap when big events are happening!

Cheap Holiday Deals to Malta

Holidays to Malta are easily found, and there are plenty of cheap Malta holiday deals to keep your bank balance healthy. Almost all of the big tour operators have year round programmes to the island. TUI still features Mellieha Bay, which has been a UK holiday favourite for years.

The island offers a great combination of historical attractions and natural beauty, as well as some really chic beach resorts. Although it's a small island, there are also plenty of ways to get away from it all too. Very cheap holidays to Malta are flexible. You can go there for a couple of days, spend seven or 14 nights there or visit for even longer! A range of board options are available. Choose self catering or bed and breakfast if you want to sample the great Maltese restaurants on offer. Alternatively, if you are on more of a budget, there are plenty Malta all inclusive or half board options available to a number of destinations such as Bugibba and Valletta.

Getting to Malta

The key to getting cheap holidays in Malta used to be all about all inclusive package holidays (of which there are still plenty), but with the advent of more independent travellers, do-it-yourself deals are becoming more popular in 2018. Flights to Malta leave the UK from a variety of airports, and all land into the one international airport in the south of the island. Air Malta has a range of flights from a variety of UK airports and the low cost carriers, especially Ryanair, also serve the island. Combine this with the sheer range of cheap hotels here and you're already onto a holiday winner. There's a good selection of public transport, but for more flexibility and freedom, grab cheap car hire when you touch down in Malta.